Poem No. 172: “A Cuppa of Coffee with You” – by Anjali

Gedichte, poems

Bistros, Barristas, or Café Coffee 
My soul craves for coffee 
Our sorrows- a storm in coffee cup 
When we supped, Let them get engulfed 
For today, my turn 
Just to listen and burn 
Now come, and spell out your plea 

You ask if I want, 
Mocha, Breve, or Café Crèmes 
I take Cafecito, 
Caramalised honey melting eyes, 
Burns like Aqua Regia 
My steely heart 
Coffee Coretto 

Here, come, I walk with you 
Your warm hands, your warmer smiles 
Hand in hand, leaning on you. 
The sun rays shining Purgatorio, 
Sizzling double shot Doppio 
Emotions erupting, the surging tide, 
Like a raging volcano inside. 

Come, let me lie beside you 
In warm embrace Lattecino 
Hide in your bosom 
And capture those moments with enthusiasm 
Express Romano 
My touch soothing 
Like Iced Cappuchino 

You shake my Moka 
With candy of love 
Alas its cold, 
The napkin folds, 
So many stories 
Remain untold 
The pastries untouched 
The door of my heart 
Un borrowed of the sun 
When will you stir 
And make it warm 
Like Expresso Machiato 
With one shot of expresso 
And a dollop of foamed milk ‘KISSATO’

Poem No. 59: “Fragile Things – Zerbrechliches” by Friða Ísberg (Iceland)

Gedichte, poems
Iceland, Black Beach


wet paper
tangled in birch branches

inside the window, smoking,
a woman with red hair

says to herself:

they can’t hear me anymore

slip into the white
like burst egg yolks

the living room is heavy

on the carpet,
fragile things, scattered,

soaked in bile

she wraps them
in old newspapers

and shoves them back
down her throat

Translated from the Icelandic into English by Meg Matich


Nasses Papier
verheddert in Birkenzweige

Drinnen das Fester, rauchend,
eine Frau mit rotem Haar

sagt zu sich selbst:

sie können mich nicht mehr hören

gleiten in das Weiß
wie geplatzte Eidotter

das Wohnzimmer ist groß/mächtig

auf dem Teppich,
zerbrechliche Sachen, verstreut,

durchtränkt mit Gallensaft

sie wickelt sie ein
in alte Zeitungen

und schiebt sie zurück 
Ihre Kehle hinunter.

Translation from English to German by Weiss-Nix


Fríða Ísberg (1992) is an Icelandic poet and reviewer. Her first collection of poems, Slitförin (e. The Stretch Marks), was released by Partus Press in October, 2017. The collection was awarded the Icelandic Booksellers Choice Award for Poetry 2017, received the Grassroots Grant from the Icelandic Literature Center and was nominated for Fjöruverðlaunin, The Icelandic Women’s Literature Prize in 2018. She is a member of the Icelandic poetry collective Svikaskáld (e. The Imposter Poets) and writes occasionally for the Times Literary Supplement.

Haiku No. 61: “Tears of Anger” (Tränen des Zorn)

arts, Gedichte, Kunst, poems, Psychologie, psychology
tears of anger

From pain to anger —
in less than 8 sec.,
soft spot protection.

Von Schmerz zu Zorn —
in weniger als 8 Sek.,
Wunder Punkt Schutz.