Tipp No. 104: “Below The Surface” – Spectacular Underwater Photography by Tobias Friedrich

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When I was a child, I dreamt of becoming a crew member of spaceship “Enterprise” in order to discover new worlds, unknown life forms and different cultures. Actually, I`ve lived this dream by chosing jobs that
allowed myself to travel a lot, to visit exotic places and which is even
more important to meet interesting people of in many aspects different cultures.

Scuba diving has been on my bucket list since childhood because I was
aware of the fact that the oceans are still “terra icognita” although about
71% of the earth`s surface (2/3) is covered with water of which 97,4% is salt-water.
From the very beginning, I had the idea that scuba diving could be the
unique opportunity to experience a kind of “space traveling” without the
need to meet NASA qualification requirements.

Of course, I was also inspired by the reports about Jaques-Yves Cousteau
and his adventureous expeditions when I finally took action and passed my scuba diving PADI open water exam in the Red Sea / Egypt many years ago.
It turned out that my phantasy of “space traveling” underwater was not completely absurd. As a scuba diver rookie, who is dependent on his
equipment and the goodwill of the sea dweller, I felt actually very vulne-rable. There was no doubt, it was me who was the intruder… the alien in this outlandish – almost surreal – water world! 

The spectacular underwater photography of Tobias Friedrichs brought
pre cious memories back…
Back on board after a beautiful dive, I was completely overwhelmed by
all the impressions and my emotions…Secretly and unnoticed a few tears
dropped into the Red Sea.
I didn`t recognize myself anymore because I was convinced to be quite
top-heavy and introverted. 
All this fragile beauty underwater was simply breaking my heart.
I learnt that beauty can be painful. In particular, if it is endangered by
pollution, mass tourism (I was a part of too) and climate change.   
Maybe, it was also a dash of desparation why I experienced this sudden
“crisis of joy”. 

Tobias Friedrich`s touching underwater photography allows us to sneek
a peak  cit.: “Below The Surface”. This motto might be ambiguous in
my case.

However, I` d like to share my fascination with you and invite you to
descent into The 50 Shades of Deep Blue….Enjoy the weightlessness, the flow, hushed sound level and not to forget the encounters with still quite unknown creatures who are often as curious as the human visitor!

Friendly encounter with a brown fur seal (South Africa)
Humpback Whale (Oman)
2 purple eye dwarf gobies, sitting on top of a hard coral near Marsa Alam (Egypt, Red Sea).
Face to face with a shark


"From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is 
bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he
is free."
Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1910 - 1997)

In his childhood Tobias Friedrich loved to watch the adventures of the Calypso with Jacques-Yves Cousteau as its captain and the beauty of the world that is below the ocean’s surface. It’s still an overwhelming feeling for him when he has the chance to dive. He loves the elegancy and calmness of the world under water standing in contrast to the hectic atmosphere above.

Tobias Friedrich lives in Germany and started taking pictures with a DSLR underwater in the year 2007. Since then his images have been published in prestigious scuba diving magazines and newspapers around the world.

Several underwater photographic competitions, have honoured his work, resulting in over 50 awards with nearly 30 1st places.

Lately, he has been named “Underwater Photographer of the Year 2018” in the prestigious UPY London competition.

The UPY 2018 awarded photo: A panoramic view of the cargo deck inside the SS Thistlegorm with the motorcycles in the middle and light to lighten the trucks on the side of the cargo deck, near Sharm el Sheikh, Northern Red Sea, Egypt.

All waters, from zero to 30° Celsius, are attractive for him, at least there is something to photograph.

Tobias`fine arts photography is not staged. His photography is rather a result of stamina, patience and opportunity. He is not working with photomontages. The panorama view – combining a view above and under the ocean surface – is achieved by utilizing a dome camera.
He is SEACAM equipment for his Canon EOS 1DX Mark II and 5D Mark II DSLR.

He is leading expeditions and workshops around the world, where everybody can join.

Please, feel free to visit his website that shows further amazing underwater photo galleries, panorama views, beautiful aerial views (highly recommended!) and a few offerings like:

  • Underwater photography BOOKS in German and English language,
  • His calendar “BELOW SURFACE 2019″
  • A collection of high-quality POSTCARDS with unique motifs
  • His schedule of awesome PHOTOWORKSHOPS 2019 (Destinations: Egypt, Bali, Philippines, Brother Islands) – simply click on “JOIN”.

web: http://www.below-surface.com

The Calendar 2019 by Tobias Friedrichs

Postcard No. 16: “DUISBURG” – Another Recycled Gasometer = Europe`s Biggest & Most Spectacular Indoor Scuba Diving Centre!

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Hello to all travelers – and in particular scuba diving enthusiasts!

After visiting the Gasometer in Oberhausen, I would like to send you further greetings from the Ruhr area. Let`s make a stopover in Duisburg!

 The City of Duisburg transformed its industrial smelter heritage into a huge recreation park called the “Landscape Park” in Duisburg North. The spectacular highlight of this park is the Gasometer, which serves  as indoor scuba diving centre today. In fact, it is Europe´s biggest leisure but also training scuba diving centre (for professionals like police, military, fire fighters, industrial scuba divers, instructors, special forces etc.).

The diameter of the Gasometer is 45 m and the depth 13 m. The Gasometer contains 21 mio litres sweet water with a varying temperature of 7°C in wintertime and about 26°C in summertime. The visual range can be 25 metres. 

There is a diving school that offers classes for beginners and experienced divers as well as trial lessons and “adventure diving lessons”. Of course, you can rent scuba diving equipement. Additionally, a repair shop offers support. Changing rooms and hot showers are available too.

Diving in an industrial facility is an amazing experience itself. The Gasometer Duisburg North is even topping this unique experience. The Gasometer namely gives home to wrecks of all kind of vehicles, such as different aircraft, various cars, boats & ships, industrial equipement / structures etc.  Scuba diving excursions in the Gasometer are thrilling and sometimes even a bit spooky… You shouldn`t miss this exclusive adventure!

Web: https://www.tauchrevier-gasometer.de/

The “Landscape Park Duisburg” offers gardens, cycling opportunities, outdoor climbing facilities, restaurants & “Biergarten” (beer garden), furnace 5 as viewing platform, concerts and more attractions. During night the industrial complex is enlighted. The very atmosperic industrial leisure park is also very popular among photographers.

As you can see, the Ruhr area – the former centre of Germany`s heavy industry & mining – successfully underwent a makeover and is worth a visit. WELCOME!