Tipp No. 153: “Merciless, Thinking Illustrations & Cartoons” – by Gerhard Haderer (Austria)

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migration crisis
Adolf HItler, an Austrian migrant in Germany
Think Big! (right-wing populists: Trump, Geert Wilders / Netherlands, Boris Johnson / UK)…the Blonde Marie Le Pen / France and others are missing…
climate conference
Xmas Gifts
Dear Syrians Welcome!
Here in Austria, it is veeery “schiach” (bad / difficult / ugly)!
Germany is much more beautiful!
Or Sweden or England!
Besides we have got Mr Strache and the FPÖ (right-wing party in the government).
Have a lot of fun on your continued journey!


Gerhard Haderer (born 1951 in Leonding, Austria) is an Austrian cartoonist and caricaturist.

Haderer studied at a technical art school in Linz for four years from 1965, and then studied engraving in Stockholm Gerhard Haderer (born 1951 in Leonding, Austria) is an Austrian cartoonist and caricaturist.

He returned to Austria in 1971 and worked as an independent commercial artist and draughtsman. He developed his photo-realistic style working on advertising, illustrations, and even designing maps for the Salzburg tourist board.

In 1985, after a cancer operation, he abandoned his commercial career to become a freelance caricaturist and satirical illustrator.
His first satirical works appeared in the upper-Austrian magazines “Watzmann”, “ORF-Ventil” and “Oberösterreichische Nachrichten”.
He soon began to appear regularly in the Austrian weekly “Profil” to which he still contributes.
His work then began to appear in newspapers and magazines in other German speaking countries.
Since 1991 his work has appeared regularly in Germany’s “Stern” magazine as “Haderers Wochenschau” (“Haderers weekly news”).

From 1997 to 2000, and from 2008 he published his own monthly satirical comics magazine called “Moff”.
He has produced designs for several satirical puppet shows.

2001: Deutscher Karikaturenpreis, Geflügelter Bleistift in Gold (German caricature prize, winged pencil in gold)
2008: Goldenes Verdienstzeichen des Landes Wien (Golden Merit of Vienna)

Insight No. 120: TAX JUSTICE ahead – FRANCE will introduce 3% taxes on the revenue of internet companies



The French government has proposed a new tax in the country, that would charge large internet companies including Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook a 3% levy on their revenues.

The French parliament approved a law on last Thursday that would make France the first major economy to impose a tax on internet heavyweights (aside of Austria).

The proposed 3% tax on French revenue of large internet companies is expected to pass the French Senate and could yield €500m (£450m) a year.

Dubbed the Gafa tax – an acronym for Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon – the legislation will target companies with at least €750m (£675m) in annual revenues and apply to revenue from digital business, such as online advertising.
The US said it was “very concerned” by the planned digital service tax, a move which could see the States retaliate by imposing new tariffs or other trade restrictions.

In a statement announcing the investigation, US trade representative Robert Lighthizer said there were concerns the tax “unfairly targets American companies”, although all global corporations will be impacted by the tax rules.

President Donald Trump has ordered an investigation into the digital tax.

Lighthizer said the US president had directed the investigation find out whether the tax is “discriminatory or unreasonable and burdens or restricts United States commerce”.

Previous investigations by the US have included Chinese trade practices and EU subsidies on large commercial aircraft.

The tax would hit some 30 companies, many of which are American, but also Chinese, German, Spanish and British companies.
One French firm and several firms with French origins that have been taken over by foreign companies will also be included in the tax plans.


The UK is also planning a similar digital services tax of 2% on the revenues of search engines, social media platforms and online marketplaces serving UK customers, which is due to come into force next year. The tax would be applied only to companies with global revenues in excess of £500m and revenue of at least £25m from UK activities.

The proposals were detailed in the Treasury’s latest draft finance bill on Thursday, which is now out for consultation, and could risk a similar US reaction.

France has led a push for internet companies with significant digital revenue in the EU to pay more tax at source, but has made little headway as Germany is cool on the idea, while member states with low corporate tax rates such as Luxembourg and Ireland firmly oppose the proposal.


In Germany, the introduction of so called “transaction taxes” in response to tax evasion and tax avoidance – not limited to internet / e-commerce & advertisement giants was subject to discussion too. Actually, there is a wide-spread consensus among the citizens and SME`s that these corporations and institutions shall be forced to pay their fair share of taxes like any other company or the people.

Actually, the German government didn`t keep its promise yet because of concerns that the German automobile industry might suffer from US sanctions in response to closing tax loopholes. As already reported, the States are considering to initiate a trade war with the EU to rescue struggling BOEING and to punish the EU over AIRBUS for not supporting US foreign policies and sanctions (e.g. Iran, Syria, Qatar, China etc.).

In my view, US tariffs e.g. on cars, aircraft etc. might result in a break-through in coordinated EU tax policies because there won`t be no reason left to hesitate. Also considering the fact that thousands of automobile industry jobs will be lost anyway as soon as e-cars substitute conventional cars.

In my opinion, taxes on internet business revenues shall be introduced in any case. No fair tax payments – No Sales. I hope, the other 27EU members – and in particular Germany – will support France and UK and follow them asap.

From a German perspective, there would be no reason to be an EU member state and net payer if the EU is not able to close lines in case of trade war threats – including tax evasion / unfair competition and anti-social business practices.

Insight No. 58: From Vandalism via Arts to Political Statement – Graffiti in Italy

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Graffiti has been known in Italy since the ancient Romans, who decorated the walls of Pompeii and the catacomb with declarations of love, curses and magic spells. In fact the word ‘Graffiti’ derives from the Italian word ‘graffiare’ meaning to scratch something into a surface, and people in Italy still write their passions on the walls.

Though lately – it seems to me – subject matters have changed from ‘Ti amo’ and ‘Forza La Juve’ to political statements. Could be, that  graffiti in Italy has gone from personal to political in order to reflect the current economic crisis and migrants crisis.

Shared No. 132: “Barometer of Public Opinion 6/2019” – by Kai-Uwe Hüls (Blog: 1600 Pennsylvania – Der Blog zur Politik des Weissen Hauses)


If you are interested in US politics covering categories like president Trump, Congress, Supreme Court, US elections incl. various polls, interviews and more, here is a straights tip. Just stop by and visit Kai`s blog: “Pennsylvania 1600”.

I like to follow the polls, Kai publishes in his blog. Please, find a teaser below…

approval/acceptance Donald Trump: 44,5% of US Americans think positively about Trumps work. and 52,1% negatively

The link above…Barometer of public opinion 06/2019: Biden beats Trump in a hypothetical duel clearly.

Postcard No. 137: “Hong Kongers Protests Are Ongoing Despite Of Interim Successes”

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Millions of Hongkongers forced the Head of the Government Carrie Lam to finally apologize in public, after the controversial extradition bill had to be frozen in response to the mass protests in Hong Kong.

Nevertheless, the mass protests continue. Hongkongers demand that the bill shall be abolished completely and that Carrie Lam, the first Beijing-loyal Chinese head of government in Hong Kong since July 2017, shall resign.

Critics are warning that Chinese jurisdiction is not independent and often used as political weapon to silence critics and different-minded people.

The former British colony and nowadays special economic zone is governed according to the principle “One-Country-Two Systems as agreed when Hong Kong was returned to China mainland due to the 99 yrs lease term expiry.

In contrast to Chinese citizens Hongkongers still enjoy freedom of opinion, speech and assembly. Hong Kong is also not cut off the worldwide web like China mainland that is isolated behind the so called “Great Firewall”.

Since the rise of China`s first tier cities – like Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou – the former economic powerhouse Hong Kong lost its relevance. Thus, Chinese one-party system seems to be less motivated to maintain the one-country-two-system concept. Consequently, China gradually erases the border to Hong Kong on many levels.

For instance Shenzhen was systematically promoted to diminish Hong Kongs influence over time. Nowadays, Mandarin language is introduced (HK is talking Cantonese), key positions in public admin and economy are filled with people from China mainland, bridges connect HK with China and so on.

Of course, the developments in Hong Kong are regarded as a strong signal to the independent, democratic Republic of China (Taiwan/ Formosa). Beijing insist on questioning the status of Taiwan and claims that Taiwan is part of China mainland, although the country strongly disagree. In fact, Chinese maps already show Taiwan as part of China mainland.

As you might have noticed in other posts, I am German. Imagine Germany would tell Poland that is independent since 1919 due to the Versaille treaty after WWI and the Baltic countries that were lost after WWII ( = former German territories but with different ethnicity) that there independence was just an intermezzo – and that they will be assimilated – no matter if they want it or not.
Keep calm. Of course, Germany do not consider such crazy ideas and enjoy a good neighborhood to all of these countries.
Or think of the incredibly cruel Yugoslavia war no long time ago…
History repeats all over the globe.

Whenever, I take my umbrella, I will think of Hongkong….and my lost pen-friend in HK from childhood days.

One Country-Two Systems
Hong Kong originally was the economic powerhouse of China and gate to the world.
Umbrella Movement – Protests against the Chinese government

Tipp No. 23: “Art is a Weapon. Culture is a Form of Resistance” by Iranian Artist Shirin Neshat

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Shirin Neshat is a contemporary Iranian artist best known for films such as Rapture (1999), which explore the relationship between women and the religious and cultural value systems of Islam. She has said that she hopes the viewers of her work “take away with them not some heavy political statement, but something that really touches them on the most emotional level.”

Born on March 26, 1957 in Qazin, Iran, she left to study in the United States at the University of California at Berkeley before her the Iranian Revolution in 1979. While her early photographs were overtly political, her film narratives tend to be more abstract, focusing around themes of gender, identity, and society.

Her Women of Allah series, created in the mid-1990s, introduced themes of the discre-pancies of public and private identities in both Iranian and Western cultures.

The split-screened video Turbulent (1998) won Neshat the First International Prize at the Venice Biennale in 1999.

The artist currently lives and works in New York, NY. Her works are included in the collections of the Tate Gallery in London, The Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, among others.

Poem No. 22: “The Solution” (Die Lösung) by Bertolt Brecht (1898 – 1957)

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After the uprising of the 17th June
The Secretary of the Writers Union
Had leaflets distributed in the Stalinallee
Stating that the people
Had forfeited the confidence of the government
And could win it back only
By redoubled efforts. Would it not be easier
In that case for the government
To dissolve the people
And elect another? 

Beautiful Creatures No. 5: Spider – Spinne – Araignée

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No Alien. Just one of our harmless, useful  – and surprisingly cute looking – subtenants.

If you reduce distance, appreciation grows… 

Insight No. 116: “Japanese tanker owner contradicts U.S. officials – crew reports a Flying Object hit the ship”

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Japanese tanker owner contradicts U.S. officials over explosives used in Gulf of Oman attack

  • The Japanese owner of one of the oil tankers attacked near Iran on Thursday says the vessel was struck by a projectile and not by a mine.
  • The damage is above the waterline and not below sea surface, as alleged by US officials. The vessel will not sink. Cit.:  “I do not think there was a time bomb, a torpedo or an object attached to the side of the ship,” Yutaka Katada, president of Kokuka Sangyo said yesterday`s press conference in Tokyo, adding that a projectile landed above the waterline.”
  • The tanker was attacked on the starboard and not on the portside like stated by Mike Pompeo.
  • “We received reports that something flew towards the ship,” says Yutaka Katada.
  • The Japanese owner of the tanker outlined that he doesn`t think that Iran is responsible for the attack. There is no prove and no reason for Iran to do so.
  • The Kokuka Courageous was hit around the same time as another tanker in the area, the Norwegian-owned Front Altair, which was hit by three explosions, according to the Norwegian Maritime Authority.
  • There has been no claim of responsibility for the blasts, with Iran denying US claims of Tehran’s involvement.
  • On Thursday, U.S. Central Command said that the Japanese oil tanker, Kokuka Courageous, had an “unexploded limpet mine on their hull following an initial explosion.”
The crew of the Japanese vessel confirms that
the ship was hit by a “flying object” (Japan Today)
Norwegian oil tanker crew ‘all safe’ after three explosions reported on board.
The vessel is afloat.

Poem No. 17: “The Plum Tree” (Der Pflaumenbaum) by Bertolt Brecht (1898 – 1957)

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Japanese Plum Tree

Der Pflaumenbaum

Im Hofe steht ein Pflaumenbaum, 
Der ist so klein, man glaubt es kaum. 
Er hat ein Gitter drum, 
So tritt ihn keiner um. 
Der Kleine kann nicht größer wer’n, 
Ja – größer wer’n, das möcht’ er gern! 
‘s ist keine Red davon: 
Er hat zu wenig Sonn’. 

Dem Pflaumenbaum, man glaubt ihm kaum, 
Weil er nie eine Pflaume hat. 
Doch er ist ein Pflaumenbaum: 
Man kennt es an dem Blatt.

———————————– ————————————–

The Plum Tree

In the courtyard stands a plum tree,
It’s so small, no one believes it.
It has a fence around it,
So no one can stomp on it.
The little tree can’t grow,
Yes – it wants to grow!
No one talks about it;
It gets too little sun.

No one believes it’s a plum tree
Because it doesn’t have a single plum.
But it is a plum tree;
You can tell by its leaf.

Ähnliches Foto
Afghanistan – Girl among boys.