Poem No. 75: “You will never see Me fall” by Joyce Alcantara

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You may see me struggle, 
but you won’t see me fall. 
Regardless if I’m weak or not, 
I’m going to stand tall. 

Everyone says life is easy, 
but truly living it is not.
Times get hard, 
people struggle
and constantly get put on the spot. 

I’m going to wear the biggest smile, 
even though I want to cry. 
I’m going to fight to live,
even though I’m destined to die. 
And even though it’s hard 
and I may struggle through it all,
you may see me struggle…
but you will NEVER see me fall.

Poem No. 17: “The Plum Tree” (Der Pflaumenbaum) by Bertolt Brecht (1898 – 1957)

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Japanese Plum Tree

Der Pflaumenbaum

Im Hofe steht ein Pflaumenbaum, 
Der ist so klein, man glaubt es kaum. 
Er hat ein Gitter drum, 
So tritt ihn keiner um. 
Der Kleine kann nicht größer wer’n, 
Ja – größer wer’n, das möcht’ er gern! 
‘s ist keine Red davon: 
Er hat zu wenig Sonn’. 

Dem Pflaumenbaum, man glaubt ihm kaum, 
Weil er nie eine Pflaume hat. 
Doch er ist ein Pflaumenbaum: 
Man kennt es an dem Blatt.

———————————– ————————————–

The Plum Tree

In the courtyard stands a plum tree,
It’s so small, no one believes it.
It has a fence around it,
So no one can stomp on it.
The little tree can’t grow,
Yes – it wants to grow!
No one talks about it;
It gets too little sun.

No one believes it’s a plum tree
Because it doesn’t have a single plum.
But it is a plum tree;
You can tell by its leaf.

Ähnliches Foto
Afghanistan – Girl among boys.

Poem No. 185: “Ocean of Love” – by Raba`a (Iran)

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Persian Lady

At last I was recaptured by his love

 Resisting had no effect

Love is like an ocean without a shore

 How can one swim there, oh wise one?

Love must be taken right to the end

 Many unsuitable things must be accepted 

Ugliness must be seen as if it were good

 Poison must be taken as if it were sugar

I was disobedient and did not understand:

 The harder you pull, the tighter the rope.

Poem No. 193: “Poem For My Husband Liu Xiaobo” – by Liu Xia (2009 China, now Germany) in Deutsch & English

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Liu Xia, poet and wife of Nobel Laureate 2010 Liu Xiaobo who died in Chinese prison

You tell, and tell, and tell, tell
– the truth.
tell the truth day and night,
as long as you`re awake.

You are locked in a room,
your words
– spread there outside.

The shooting 20 years ago
put the final nail in the coffin (“set the seal on your fate”).
You will always live within death.

You love your companions
– but on the dark times,
She has experienced jointly with you,
you` re even prouder.

You admonish her
to hold on
and to still write you poems
after death.

The poems consists of silence
– so silent.

Du sagst, und sagst, und sagst, sagst
– die Wahrheit
sagst sie am Tag
und in der Nacht,
so lange du wach bist.

Du bist in einem Zimmer eingeschlossen,
deine Worte
– verbreiten sich draußen.
Die Schüsse vor 20 Jahren,
haben dein Schicksal

Du wirst immer im Tod
Du liebst deine Gefährten
– aber bist noch stolzer
auf die dunklen Zeiten,
die Sie mit dir erlebt hat.

Du ermahnst Sie,
und dir auch nach deinem Tod
Gedichte zu schreiben.

Die Gedichte bestehen aus Stille
– so still.

Poem No. 96: “The Ocean” by B. Gosling

Gedichte, Nature, poems

The waves trickle along my toes.
The soft ocean sprays across my nose.
The sand was compliant under my feet,
Exactly where the ocean and it decide to meet.

The water rose and enveloped around my shin.
The salt water numbing against the skin.
A shell drifted, caught in the tide,
A tiny crab adrift inside.

The water drifted up to my hips,
A million kisses from the ocean’s lips.
A gentle caress from the deep blue,
Though it would’ve been better if it was from you…

The water enveloped around my waist.
A thousand tiny fingers around me laced.
The horizon calls, it beckons me
Out towards it, across the sea.