Tipp No. 1 (repaired): “TREAT! – Fine Arts Photography by Christian Vieler (Germany)

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No, I don´t earn any money for publishing this recommendation. Actually, I don´t know Christian Vieler in person.

The excellent photo collection of dogs catching treats by Christian Vieler is amazing.


You cannot resist to smirk looking at these goofy doggies with their strong personalities.

The German photographer Christian Vieler and his Top Models definetely made my day!

Thank you!

I´d like to share just one of my favorite snapshots with you…


Haiku No. 112: Disappearing” (Verschwinden)

Gedichte, poems

No need to disappear,
there is no one to be found.
I was never there.

Keine Notwendigkeit zu verschwinden,
es ist niemand zu finden.
Ich war niemals da.

Cartoon No. 17: Who are you? (Wer bist Du?)

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No. 1 of 7:

The Ray of Light: Only now, we can wonder…Who is she?

Wer ist SR 01 - Kopie_LI (2).jpg

No. 2 of 7:

The 4 Elements: “It´s me!”

Wer ist SR 02

No. 3 of 7:

The Ray of Light: WHO?

Air: No Panic. There must be a logical answer! Think!

Water: Oh, I am already suffering from myself …spare myself!

Fire: COWARDS! This stupid ray of light won´t decide who I am!

Earth: I don`t understand anything! I am hungr! I feel cold! I want to sleep!

Wer ist SR 03

No. 4 of 7

The Ray of Light: I can give Life… but to whom of you 4?

Air: Aaah!

Water: Schluchz!

Fire: That´s beyond question! Me!

Earth: Pah! Without me, anything will work!

Wer ist SR 04.jpg

No. 5 of 7:

All 4 Elements: ME! MEEEE!

Wer ist SR 05.jpg

No. 6 of 7:


Wer ist SR 06.jpg

No. 7 of 7:

She: Was it just a dream?

Wer ist SR 07

Cartoon No. 10: Multiple Personalities (Multiple Persönlichkeiten)

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Fr Soltau

The Turtle (Master): “Little Buddha, your true nature consists auf 3 aspects:

  • what you think you are,
  • what others think you are,
  • and what you are in  truth.

The Wayfarer: Damn! Exactly what I was concerned of…

“Multiple Personality Disorder!”

Poem No. 11: “I`m nobody! Who are you?” by Emily Dickinson

Creatures, Gedichte, poems
frog in a bog
I`m nobody! Who are you?
                       Are you nobody too?
Then there is a pair of us --- don t tell!
They d banish us, you know.

How dreary to be somebody!
How public, like a frog
To tell your name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!