Poem No. 165: “Perfect” by Shianne

Gedichte, poems

My heart flows through this icy land 
Come and take my lonely hand 
Show me how to make things right
Cry these tears no more tonight

Sing this sorrowful song into the air
Try to live without a care
Look up at the stars in the sky
Dry those tears from your eye

Lift your head, bring your smiles back
Paint your world with color instead of black
Undo your lies, make them true
Don’t let your anger take over you

Open your eyes, what do you see?
There’s so many things that you could be
If instead of thinking, you actually tried
And forgot about the tears you cried

You could be living in a world of hope
And letting go, learning how to cope
With everything life throws your way
And living your fullest every day

You can force the shadows back to the dark
Leave without a single scratch or mark
You can learn to live without your pain
Without putting yourself through this strain

You can learn all this if you only realize
It only matters what perfect is in your eyes.

Poem No. 53: “Without Skill But With Strength – Ohne Können aber mit Stärke” by Johanna Ekström (Sweden)

Gedichte, poems

Without Skill But With Strength

Without skill but with strength
you lifted me out of my grief—
Utterly calm
as one who knew
that to snatch a thing up
allows little bits
to drop away

Ohne Können aber mit Stärke

Ohne Können aber mit Stärke
hast du mich aus meiner Trauer gehoben -
Vollkommen ruhig
wie jemand der wusste
dass etwas zusammenzuraffen
es erlaubt kleine Stückchen
fallen zu lassen.