Strong Women No. 7: “Jaenne Manford” – Parents of Gays Unite! (1972)


Jeanne Manford protesting for LGBT rights alongside her son Morty, during the Gay Pride March in New York City in 1972. The reactions to her sign led to the creation of the group Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays” (PFLAG), of which Manford is a co-founder.

Poem No. 18: “Friendship Joy” by Babette Bryan

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My life has been touched
by god today
For He saw to it
to send a friend my way.

And I want you to know
whereever you may be.
how much joy your friendship
had brought to me.

Nothing can compare
to the warmth of a friend
and I count you among blessings
at each day`s end.

So thank you friend
for making me smile
and sending some cheer
across the miles.

Insight No. 7: Awesome Wedding Haka – Family Loyalty & Empathy (Haka auf Hochzeit in Neuseeland – Familienzusammenhalt & Empathie)

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Although your 1st impression might tell you that the family of the bride will rip the grooms head off every minute…


Awesome, powerful HAKA at wedding in  NZ…

Firstly, the short version including translation into English (subtitles);

Secondly, the longer version of the impressive wedding receiption….The mixed couple is accepted by the family.