Poem No. 54: “What Hands Remember” by Johanna Ekström (Sweden)

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“Hands” – David Hollander

What Hands Remember

arms at sides
appear as if they are waiting

the large words
sleep under

a hard candy is sucked
till slivered
glass words like
splinters under fingernails

Who has died of love?

In the coffin lining all the children sleep
mouth and eye wiped dry
their mouths are not where mouths should be
don’t see what they should see
Who isn’t convinced of their own harm?

These empty hands flare
birthmarks burned away

Hands fall as tulip leaves
sweep away the face’s features

Hands jolt in sleep
remembering their loneliness

She lays a blossom over the children
covers them with the palm of her hand

No one has died of love
There is a storm like I have never felt.

Poem No. 53: “Without Skill But With Strength – Ohne Können aber mit Stärke” by Johanna Ekström (Sweden)

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Without Skill But With Strength

Without skill but with strength
you lifted me out of my grief—
Utterly calm
as one who knew
that to snatch a thing up
allows little bits
to drop away

Ohne Können aber mit Stärke

Ohne Können aber mit Stärke
hast du mich aus meiner Trauer gehoben -
Vollkommen ruhig
wie jemand der wusste
dass etwas zusammenzuraffen
es erlaubt kleine Stückchen
fallen zu lassen.

Postcard No. 25: “Grindavik – Iceland” Heavy Sea – Heading for a Save Harbor

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Icelandic Fisher Boat in Heavy Sea
Fisher Boat “Asta B” (= the small 2 light points)
Hard working “Asta B”
Great job at Grindavik / Iceland!

Rough seas at the shores of Iceland – heading for a save harbor. Incredible these forces of nature – and the skills of the fisher boat crews!

I love storms and in particular thunderstorms. It`s actually my favorite weather. Maybe, I am simply a little drama queen sometimes. I don` t know means. Up and down, on or off…there is nothing in between.

Another reason for my fascination might be the fact that I am shipping through heavy seas for 2 years now. There are periods, in which it feels like shipping with a broken mast, canvas in tatters, defect engines, lost orientation…and non-stop fighting in order not to drown completely.

The more impressing are the fisher boats scenes. They also remind us that there might be something bigger in life….

Serenity, letting loose, focus, trust in your own skills, stamina and acceptance of the things you cannot control or change might finally bring you into a save harbor…

In Iceland there are many kinds of storms. Ice, snow, rain, sand, ash, solar, magnetic, and more. Storms are agents of change. While often destructive and unpredictable, they also demonstrate the unyielding power of nature. They reveal nature’s beauty and its hand in creating the landscapes we see today.

Cartoon No. 17: Who are you? (Wer bist Du?)

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No. 1 of 7:

The Ray of Light: Only now, we can wonder…Who is she?

Wer ist SR 01 - Kopie_LI (2).jpg

No. 2 of 7:

The 4 Elements: “It´s me!”

Wer ist SR 02

No. 3 of 7:

The Ray of Light: WHO?

Air: No Panic. There must be a logical answer! Think!

Water: Oh, I am already suffering from myself …spare myself!

Fire: COWARDS! This stupid ray of light won´t decide who I am!

Earth: I don`t understand anything! I am hungr! I feel cold! I want to sleep!

Wer ist SR 03

No. 4 of 7

The Ray of Light: I can give Life… but to whom of you 4?

Air: Aaah!

Water: Schluchz!

Fire: That´s beyond question! Me!

Earth: Pah! Without me, anything will work!

Wer ist SR 04.jpg

No. 5 of 7:

All 4 Elements: ME! MEEEE!

Wer ist SR 05.jpg

No. 6 of 7:


Wer ist SR 06.jpg

No. 7 of 7:

She: Was it just a dream?

Wer ist SR 07

Poem No. 38: “Endless Roads” by Ann Tardiff

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The night oozes a pale artificial light
That breeds and gathers and leaps off the ground,
Only to slither under my door at midnight
To wish me goodnight. Dreamers, unsound,
Gather fat, fat, thoughts to crystallize,
To shove into green bottles,
That get sent north to advise
The tumbleweeds waiting for Aristotle.
Eyes grow awake and dilate.
A camera zooms. Neither see
Pink sea foam and words that fail to participate
In the rustle of a slimy memory.
Black meets iris. The night leans forward to consider this:
Our roads - though rough - are endless.

About the Poet

Ann Tardiff is a graduate from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She now resides in Los Angeles and works at Television City. Ann is originally from Seattle and often travels between California and Washington.

Cartoon No. 18: Mayflys (Eintagsfliegen)

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Don´t take life too serious…

You won`t come out of it alive anyway!


DEUTSCH (ja, ist nicht gut zu lesen, sorry):

Nimm das Leben nicht zu ernst…

Du kommst da eh` nicht lebend heraus!


Poem No. 18: “Friendship Joy” by Babette Bryan

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Ähnliches Foto
My life has been touched
by god today
For He saw to it
to send a friend my way.

And I want you to know
whereever you may be.
how much joy your friendship
had brought to me.

Nothing can compare
tothe warmth of a friend
and I count you among blessings
at each day`s end.

So thank you friend
for making me smile
and sending some cheer
across the miles.