Tipp No. 133: “Marundes Country Life” by the Illustrator, Cartoonist and Designer Wolf-Rüdiger Marunde (Germany)

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I love Marundes funny cartoons not only because of the cute and charming characters (e.g. a crow as psychotherapist) and odd couples (like the chick & the boar) but also because of the fact that scenarios, landscape, architecture, weather, atmosphere and mentality of the protagonists are absolutely authentic. I gave numerous Marunde books away to my family and friends. It is a pity that they are in German language only. Thus, I utilize this opportunity to translate a few examples of his amazing work and to share Marunde`s humor including an insights into the little universes of Northern German farms.

As already mentioned before, I am a German “North Light”. Looking at Marunde`s narrative, funny cartoons, my heart opens and I feel like diving into my childhood….

Marunde is a sharp but friendly observer with tons of humor and sympathy for country life and all creatures you can find…

The domestic pig: “I could exercise to get rid of some fat and I could dye my blond bristles black – maybe, he will then fall in love with me…”
The wild boar: “I could shave and eat a lots of food for fattening – maybe, she would then fall in love with me…”
The crow: “You want to break it off with me?! Why??? We love each other after all!!
The rooster: ” I am sorry, Darling. But by no stretch of imagination, I can forgive you that I am not able to fly.”
The “grilled” chick on the wire: ” Yes, feel free to stare at me. Your Elsbeth is back again! I am worn down and frazzled by the Big Freedom (or latitude?) – I am a wreck!
The boar in the truck (writing at the side of the truck: insemination service station): “So, finally after-work hours…what`s up, Darling?
The sow: “Thanks god, auntie Martha has opened my eyes ref. your profession- before engagement -today: Erwin, you are a gigolo!!!”
The chick to the horse:
“As chickens, we hate water and rain, you certainly understand this, don`t you? Well, at the fence, there seem to be fat earthworms, could you go over there, please? But very slowly and carefully…”
“You let us know if you feel taken advantage of, okay?”
The farm dog: “Dear staff, for me – as your German shepard dog – it is not only a duty – No! – but also a desire to jointly spend these last hours of the parting year…”
The sheep: “It is all right, boss, you can hide yourself among us as soon as the fireworks will start.”
The book cover: “The Big Eggs-Cooking Book”
The chicken: “Sometimes I have got the feeling that you don`t love me because of mySelf only.”
The sea gull: ” Hopel di tri hö – boarp! Tzsorry, darlin`…”
The sea gull lady: “Breath upon me – You have been on the waste dump again!”
The fox: “There! Did I promise you too much? At this time, he always go to pee – and he is used to leave his gat upstairs…”
The sow “Waltraud” looking through the window: “Here they are, Irmi and her Karl, walking arm in arm – enjoying spring! Although the entire village already has declared your marriage dead!”
Irmi passing by with Karl: “Basically it is all about the sexual fire, Waltraud. We simply cannot get away from each other…”
Wolf-Rüdiger Marunde


Wolf-Rüdiger Marunde (* 26. Februar 1954 in Hamburg) is a German drawer, graphic designer, illustrator and cartoonist. Marunde is well-known as a representative of a particularly picturesque and scenic category of cartoons.

He grew up in Harksheide / Schleswig-Holstein (close to Hamburg) and succesfully studied visual communications in Hamburg, where he became a Diplome Designer in 1976. Marunde attended also the press illustration class of Marianne Weingärtner. He was very much inspired by French art comics and cartoons created by Ricor, Moebius, Bilal and others (I am a fan of them too!). Marunde frequently worked for many famous German magazines, like the stern, Brigitte, SZ, Hörzu etc. but also for satirical magazines like MAD and pardon. His drawing, cartoons and illustrations were published in calendars, postcards and different series of very beautiful books called “Marundes Country Life” or “News from Pig-Residency” (= Schweinehausen), “Schweinehausen private”, “The Little Animal Lover” and more.

Marunde won several caricature awards and showed his art works in > 40 exhibitions. It is great that Marunde also exhibits in small art clubs and regional museems in the province.

His stories and cartoon characters came to life in animated movies based on Stop-Motion Techniques that were produced and broadcasted in the Northern German TV channel NRD.

Tragically, his atelier in Schleswig-Holstein was completely destroyed by a fire in 1985. All his art work was lost. In 1988, he and his family restarted again in Nether Saxony.

In my opinion, he and his work is a hidden gem…at least from an international perspective.

For more details and a series of examples of his art work and publications, an event calendar and e-shop, please visit his attractive website:

Shared No. 117: “Family Photo Friday!” — by John Spiers (Blog: My Life With Gracie”)

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Last Saturday, I set up what you might call “The Smallest Book Promotion Booth In The World” at out church’s annual Flower Festival. (All royalties from the book until December 31st of this year will go to support the mission of St. John’s Church.) The little wooden stepladder was the one my chickens used when […]

Family Photo Friday! — My Life With Gracie

Tipp No. 84: Witty, Thought-Provoking Illustrations by Sergio Ingravalle (Germany)

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Bildergebnis für illustration
Let`s Leave
Thought Provoking Minimalist Illustration by Sergio Ingravalle
Love: Brain – Off and Heart – On
Thought Provoking Minimalist Illustration by Sergio Ingravalle
Cannot say “No”.
Thought Provoking Minimalist Illustration by Sergio Ingravalle
Stockmarket Manipulation
Thought Provoking Minimalist Illustration by Sergio Ingravalle
Exploitation of Labor

Witty, Thought-Provoking Illustrations


Cleverly visualized “Deep Thoughts” with a dash of irony inspired by modern everyday life…feel free to meet Sergio Ingravalle, a German artist and illustrator.

Cleverly visualized “Deep Thoughts” with a dash of irony inspired by modern everyday life…feel free to meet Sergio Ingravalle, a German artist and illustrator.

His website: http://www.maivisto.de/

Sergio has enjoyed working with pencilswatercolours and ink since his childhood. Nowadays, he combines the elements digitally to create unique illustrations. Switching styles, mixing techniques and exploring unknown aspects of my abilities drive him forward and enable him to create visually appealing projects for a diverse range of clients from the private and industrial sector including famous brands. According to Sergio, his studio’s name is derived from the Italian words ›mai visto‹, which means ›never seen before‹. From the very beginning of his career, he was working with this idea on his mind…Let’s create something together that we both have never seen before!

Tipp No. 70: Water Colour Wildlife & Landscape Paintings by The Artist Ben Woodhams (Denmark / Bornholm Island)

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I totally fell in love with Ben`s work…I would like to share a few of his wonderful water colour paintings.

As you might have noticed from visiting my tiny blog, I am at home in Northern Germany. Northern Germans are often teased by calling them: “fish heads, shell pushers and dike tramplers”.  I suppose, I am touched by Ben`s art because on one hand I know his themes well and because ….I can feel the weather looking at his paintings, on the other hand I seem to share his perspectives and perception of moods, colours, surface structures etc…Besides, the picture composition and other details of Ben`s aquarelles reminds me on Japanese paintings. 

However, I am very glad that I stumbled upon his wordpress blog linked to his website:



Ben Woodhams is an English artist and illustrator currently living and working on the Danish island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea.

After beginning a career in museums and art galleries as an exhibition curator and designer, Ben and his family moved to Bornholm in 2008, where he works as an artist, illustrator and educator.

Ben’s practice is founded in direct observation and specialises in birds, working primarily in watercolour. Studies of living birds are made in the field, while dead birds are taken to the studio. Moments in time, and the relationship between the process of observation and depiction, are the engines that drive Ben’s work – the tension between the ‘need’ to capture the moment or the vision, and the desire to let the medium speak its own language.

Recently Ben has been studying changes in the landscape through space and time. The patterns made by a passing flock of cranes, the rising tide within a rock pool, shadows moving over a rock during a day, an oilseed rape field blooming over a period of weeks, changes through the seasons and over years.

Of course, Ben is offering original paintings as well as limited printed editions for purchase.

Interestingly, he is teaching aquarell painting  & drawing (in English and Danish language) for private and public groups (all age classes) additionally.  
He focus on observation-based drawing, watercolour painting and relief printing techniques and put emphasis on outdoor drawing and painting.

Just a few impressions of BORNHOLM – as a teaser that I don`t need anymore….Maybe, we will see each other on Bornholm island in 2019?

Tipp No. 110: “Iranian Poster Art” – How to bypass Censorship

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I like calligraphy very much.
Already as a little girl, I taught myself to write gothic letters, Sütterlin and together with my best friend, I tried to master my first Hanzi characters (Chinese).
No wonder that the awesome Iranian Poster Art attracted me immediately.

Besides I` ve got a preference for art work with a message instead of being just decorative or descriptive.

I hope, I can make you curious.
Have a look… 

A poster by Mehdi Saeedi
HIV campaign poster by Ramyar Vala
A poster by Morteza Momayez
A poster with calligraphic transformation in line with
the aesthetic heritage and traditions of the Middle East by Mehdi Saeedi
A poster by Ghobad Shiva, inspired by one Milton Glazer
designed for Bob Dylan in 1966.
Depression Poster by Mohammed Jamshidi
Poster against “manspreading”
Poster by Shadi Rezaei


Because the Iranian regime does not grant artists the freedom to fully express themselves, the Iranian poster artist & designer have developed a graphic language that uses visual puns, metaphors, and indirect messages.

For instance, Ramyar Vala couldn’t use obvious imagery in a poster he designed in 2009 for an organization that helps HIV carriers, so he used a banana as a phallic symbol and covered it in golden armor (see above).

In contrast to fields such as fashion design, industrial design and architecture, which are so influenced by globalization that the final products look similar all over the world, the alphabet in these posters preserves the local identity. The posters integrate the clean minimalism that characterizes contemporary art with the complexity that informs Persian typography.

Unfortunately, I couldn`t get hold of a translation of the writings yet. If there is somebody, who can be of help….please?

Tipp No. 82: Optical Illusions In Ink by Visoth Kakvei (Cambodia)

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Ähnliches Foto
Ähnliches Foto
Bildergebnis für visoth kakvei


Visoth Kakvei (aged 28 yrs) is a Cambodian designer, illustrator and artist who became well-known thanks to his social media presence on instagram, facebook, Pininterest, youtube etc.

With the use of pens, markers, colour and imagination, he takes doodling definetely to the next level.

He draws everything freehand and pieces can take anything from 3-6 hours to complete.
Much of his inspiration comes from nature.His jar-dropping drawings with 3D effect seem to hypnotize the viewer. 
To make his incredibly intricate maze-like illustrations even more stunning, the artist digitally enhances them sometimes, making the doodles appear as if they’re popping out from the pages.

Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve been pretty busy balancing freelance design work with illustration, so haven’t had a lot of time for the blog. I’ll try and post a little more regularly throughout the summer. I drew this cloud mining station (think the dirty underside of Bespin Cloud City) a while ago, […]

via Cloud Mining — this northern boy



Poster, prints and postcards of the amazing drawings of Rob Turpine are available in the online shop Ellispress…

web: https://ellipress.co.uk/shop/tnb

Furthermore, Rob is offering commisions.

Here are some appetizer…









Shared No. 61: “The Cloud Mining Centre” and other brilliant illustrations & drawings by This Northern Boy

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This illustration is based on my first “My Life With Gracie” drawing. It is still one of my favorites of Gracie because of it’s simplicity and innocence. Even with an elaborate background, this drawing reminds me how we can be both helpless and hopeful at the same time. Perhaps this is one of life’s delicate balances […]

via My Life With Gracie…From The Heart — My Life With Gracie

Hello to all of you,

I`d like to share another moving illustration of the blog “My Life With Gracie”.

Yes, there seems to be something bigger in life…

Life is like a jungle…full of heart-breaking beauty and opportunities but sometimes it is  also a bit intimidating because life is finally not predictable, contains pitfalls and requires a lot of difficult decisions over time.

To stay cool (composed) it might be of help to not take oneself too seriously and to change the perspective – even if you feel small, lost and vulnerable in this Big World.

Possibly, these situations – in which we`re looking for a way out or support – open our eyes & mind, lift our sight and widen our horizon best…

Don`t worry! In life there are no mistakes or wrong decisions. You are free to change your direction any time.

Shared No. 62: My Life With Gracie…From The Heart — by My Life With Gracie

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Tipp No. 19: Fine Arts from The Faroe Islands (DK) by Edvard Fuglo

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Another one of my findings….
















is there anybody out there

Is There Anybody Out There?


edvard fuglo.jpg

Edvard Fuglo (Born 1965) is an Danish Graphic Designer, Illustrator & Artist from the Faroe Islands (Denmark).

For further information, please feel free to visit his website: http://www.edwardfuglo.com/