Shared No. 78: “Zeit der Trauer” (Time of Grief – Kurt Tucholsky) by Roland Risch


In Germany, the person who point to dirt, is regarded as more dangerous than the one , who caused/ produced the dirt (1935).

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„Das ist bitter, zu erkennen. Ich weiß es
seit 1929 – da habe ich eine Vortragsreise
gemacht und „unsere Leute“ von Angesicht
zu Angesicht gesehen, vor dem Podium,
Gegner und Anhänger, und da habe ich
es begriffen, und von da an bin ich immer
stiller geworden. Mein Leben ist mir zu
kostbar, mich unter einen Apfelbaum zu
stellen und ihn zu bitten, Birnen
zu produzieren. Ich nicht mehr.
Ich habe mit diesem Land, dessen Sprache
ich so wenig wie möglich spreche,
nichts mehr zu schaffen. Möge es
verrecken – möge Rußland es erobern –
ich bin damit fertig.“
So in 1935 Kurt Tucholsky,
ein linker Demokrat, Sozialist, Pazifist
und Antimilitarist
an den Schriftsteller Arnold Zweig.

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Tipp No. 89: “Animeyed” – Fine Arts Portrait Photography by Flora Borsi (Hungary)

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Ähnliches Foto
Ähnliches Foto
Bildergebnis für fine art photography portrait flora borsi
Bildergebnis für fine art photography portrait flora borsi
Ähnliches Foto
Ähnliches Foto
Bildergebnis für fine art photography portrait flora borsi
Bildergebnis für fine art photography portrait flora borsi
Bildergebnis für fine art photography portrait flora borsi


Flora is a young fine art photographer from Hungary. She uses exquisite photo manipulation to create surreal images that are thematically focused on identity, relationships, emotions and dreams. Her immaculate technique and subtle conceptual 
ideas create beautiful evocations of universal emotions, from lust and desire to despair and loss.Flora at once captures the complex strength and fragility of the human psyche. She expertly visualises dark fantasies and atmospheric dreams, utilising the uncanny and clever metaphor, while unlocking what it means to think, feel, dream and express in the urban world.Her work often features the female body and she plays with hiding and revealing the eyes or face to leave only the feminine form, exploring questions of female representation and the relationship between body and self. 

Flora has exhibited internationally with solo exhibitions in Europe and the USA, and has most notably taken part in the
“Continental Shift” group exhibition at Saatchi Gallery. She has also exhibited at the Louvre, France.
Her ethereal aesthetic has won multiple art prizes and garnered critical acclaim from press including The Guardian’s Observer
and BBC Culture. Her artwork was the face of Adobe Photoshop in 2014.

Her work is offered here:

Insight No. 69: “Urban Arts Beyond Vandalism” – Graffiti in Hungary by various artists

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Yes, there seems to be a vandalism problem in BUdapest. Actually, you can find ugly tags everywhere. But Budapest gives home to a vibrant street art community as well. From old-school graffiti, 3D tags to impressive monumental wall painting, you can find all kinds of styles in Budapest. The city tried to respond to the growing popularity of urban arts by offering 4 – 6 public walls for street arts.

In the meantime, a couple of artist gained international reputation. For instance Saatchi Art is offering Hungarian graffiti master pieces (paintings) from time to time.

As you might have already noticed, I have published various graffiti posts about specific countries and German cities (e.g. from Poland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Argentina, Hamburg, Berlin etc.) . Each time I tried to identify location-specific characteristic of the urban art.

But to be honest, I never came to any clear conclusion…except of the choice of motifs. The graffiti in Argentina and Greece are extraordinary strong because many of them had uptodate politcal messages. In general, I got the impression that street arts is very individualistc. It is about developing a personal signature style….and graffiti is less influenced by local culture and traditions.

Well, I am no insider. So, if you like to share your opinion, please feel free to comment.

Beautiful Creatures No. 29: Rooster – Hahn – le Coq

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Francois-Philippe, Ile de France / France
Finley-Arthur-Charles, Wales / England
Umberto, Mailand / Italy
Hans-Peter, Schleswig Holstein / Germany
Askjell, Fylke / Norway
Lazslo, Dél-Dunántúl / Hungary

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Smokin Hot Rooster Playboys for your hen-coop.
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