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Postcard No. 12: “COLOGNE, MAINZ and DUSSELDORF” – The People`s Voice…provocative Carnival Floats in Germany

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Blond is the new Brown/Brunette (the brown color is associated  with right-wing extremist parties, nationalists & autocrats)

Hitler (Germany; Hitler could be replaced by Alexander Gauland / current leader of the AfD) – Wilders (Netherlands) – Marie Le Pen (France) – Donald Trump (USA)

By the way, just a small detail, many people abroad don`t know…Adolf Hitler was no German Citizen. He was an Austrian migrant from Braunau.


It is said that Carnival was already celebrated in Mesopotamia 5000 years ago.

Since 12th century, carnival is celebrated in Germany. The German carnival parades in the Rhine-Main area (to be differentiated from the Pagan Fastnacht / Shrovetide in Southern Germany & Switzerland) are absolutely unique due to its historical background & special traditions like the satirical floats, throwing candy, costumes balls, marching bands in historical uniforms of France & Prussia, huge Carnival clubs and so on.

The Cologne Carnival, as well as those in Mainz, Eschweiler and Düsseldorf, are the largest and most famous. The next week of party will start end of Feb. 2019.


On Carnival Thursday (called “Old Women Day” or “The Women’s Day” in commemoration of an 1824 revolt by washer-women), women storm city halls, cut men’s ties, and are allowed to kiss any passing man. This tradition is still alive. Even in other public buildings and corporate offices men should better wear cheap ties on this day of the year…


The carnival parades and floats make fun of individual politicians and other public figures. Many speeches do the same. This worldwide unique tradition has got his origin in 18th century, when the Rhine-Main area was occupied by French troops led by Napoleon and later on by Prussian troops. The Carnival clubs / guilds that create the satirical floats were founded by urban guilds. The handcraft guilds were namely forbidden by the occupiers because the guilds represented free urban citizenship with political Rights, influence & a network of power thanks to their partnerships with guilds in other “free” cities that want to be ruled neitherby monarchs nor by churches. In medieval times, there was a famous proverb: “City Air makes free”. On the Country side the farmers were dependent on the liege lords and the churches, who owned the land and possessed a lot of privileges.  De facto, the rural people were nothing else but slaves.


During carnival people wear costumes often including a coverage of their faces. There was an attempt to forbid this coverage of faces. And a special police force – called “The Sparks” was founded to enforce this rule of king Wilhelm (?). But this attempt failed. Instead of following the new rule, the German city citizens made fun of it and established a carnival group called the “Sparks” and added the “Spark Mariechen” (Young Beautiful girls) to their carnival dancing groups. These girls in uniform perform risky acrobatic stunts and are often thrown into the air (like Cheerleaders) and are then caught by the group again… It is said that this dancing choreography was understood as a hidden warning in former times….”We – the People – can let you fall”…or: “Kingdoms rise and fall”.

The tradition, carnival freedoms and anonymity allows the people to break taboos, critisize the king & noble houses, majors, elites, bureaucrats and armed forces bluntly. The costume balls and parties provided an opportunity for women & men to meet each other and to flirt without being judged by others.

The tradition to make drastically fun of individuals, organisations and systems in power like politicians, churches / religions, industry sectors / reps (local, domestic and international ones) is still very much alive!

At this occasion , I`d like to outline that it is not my Intention to insult anybody or to promote an opinion by publishing the images of the very popular carnival motif-floats. There are motifs that don´t comply with my taste / style…but the topics are always up-to-date.

Actually, everything & anybody can become subject of the motif-floats. Nobody is safe, and everybody has to be prepared to face derision. The bigger the pain & annoyment, the bigger is the suspicion that the derision possess a core of truth.

I am glad that we`ve got the freedom to design these motif floats, to express ourself not only during carnival season. The parades and funny but sharp Carnival speeches prove that many people are educated, informed, able to question the status-quo, are not afraid  of criticism & expressing opinions and that they are interested in politics & Society topics…and that they are still determined to participate. It namely needs some significant Background knowledge & education to understand the satirical motif floats.

By the way, every year Carnival groups and marching bands of our neighbor countries are invited and join the parades. In my view, it would be exciting if our neighbors would contribute (more) own carnival motif floats additionally.

Let`s have a look at a few examples of the satirical motif floats…


Carnival Club “Rheinische Garde Blau” anti-war motif – “No war in Syria, Iran and in the Ukraine!”


Two big babies trying to impress each other with the size of their…Missiles.


European Hitler greeting arm lifted / supported by Vladimir Putin




Emmanuel Macron (French President) as Napoleon in a vintage car (provided with fuel by Germany) with reference to his idea of an EU Reform – beyond a mere trade union – headed by France.


Berlusconi (former president of Italy), who is well-known for his sex parties, homophoby and close relations to the Italian mafia.


Putin (leader of Russia, who is often present in the media with Images, on which he shows his naked upper body to appear manly), on the left arm: Economy and on the right arm: Military.



Angela Merkel / CDU (chancelor of Germany for already 14 years) as Mammoth and Martin Schulz (former leader of the opposition party SPD), who is unable to challenge her.


Ex-Chancelor Gerhard Schröder with a case full of Money from ROSNEFT (huge oil / energy industry corporation) in the butt of the Russian bear…corruption? After his lost re-election Schröder was employed as a “Consultant”.


The German emblem “The Eagle” (also called “fat chicken”) with a Burning right wing: “Attacks on refugee centres”.


Typical German lawn gnomes…(a well-known symbol for old-fashioned, penny-pinching babbits who are close to Right-wing extremist parties). On the signs: “No mixed cultures”, “Betrayer (of the Bio-German People) go home!”, “Reichs-Gnome” (Reich = Kingdom = Nazi slang), “The Beet is Full/Crowded!”

German chancelor Merkel as a turtle

Rosenmontag am Rhein - Düsseldorf

Schulz / SPD, who was popular and caused an upturn of the SPD for a short time, failed to challenge Merkel because of his own fault. Today, the SPD (coalition partner of the CDU)lost her credibility completely and is continuously losing her supporters.

Traditional Rose Monday carnival parade in Duesseldorf

“The next one, please!” – A reminder never to underestimate chanceleor Merkel. In fact, she was able to block all of her Critics and competitors silently. On the skulls & bones the names of German politicians.


On the bear: Russia Affaire


On the sausage “Democracy”, the animal (I cannot identify): Polish goverment and the dirt: “Dictatorship”


Former communist countries Poland & Hungary shift to dictatorships led by conservative nationalists, autocrats and their supporters (right-wing extremists).

Both countries that are EU members, are critisized for not accepting a fair share of refugees.


Angela Merkel / German chancelor and the former German – American Relations. Since the election of D. Trump there is a wind of change. today, the German Government is talking About becoming more Independent and is admitting that there are competeing interests, of Course. In the past, German politicians and public media were always talking about “our friends” (the States) like using a prayer wheel.


“Rotten/ bad credits” – Banks are purging on the German tax payer, who was betrayed by the financial institutions (that caused the financial crisis, triggered by the breakdown of the Lehman bank) and then had to rescue the Banks by providing tax money.


Greece went bancrupt. The EU took over the debts of Greece and provided billions of  financial aids two times, as far as I know. A debt cancellation was no option because it would have resulted in a downgrade of the creditworthiness rating of other struggling Southern European EU members like Italy and Spain. Greece is still blaming Germany for its economic crisis because Germany insists on “Saving Money” (reduction of governmental expenses) like the German government is doing it for many years (see the Slogan on the arm of Merkel “you have to save money!”) Greece called the German politicians Nazis because of this precondition for further financial injections. Again, Germany (who is providing > 1/3 of the EU Budget) is simply the scapegoat in my view.

Actually, Greece falsified documents and balance sheets to gain the EU Membership – without Meeting the Basic requirements. Greece was living from credits and unfortunately didn´t reinvest the credit money in his infrastructure and new Industry as urgently needed. Besides, Greece is suffering from a high level of corruption and nd other money drains, such as a widely accepted tradition not to pay any taxes.

It is also critisized that the Greek People don`t take benefit of the financial aids because the Money is transferred directly to the Banks to cover at least the interest rates of the Greek (bad) credits. I think, it is true. Actually, we are rescueing again the banks only, who provided rotten credits to not creditworthy countries – speculating on the tax money of EU countries, which will step in to avoid another economic crisis. The system is completely insane!

TOP priority should be to get the financial institutions under control. Maybe these parasits should be simply nationalized. I am not willing to minimize their business risks and to secure their profits by paying taxes.


On the side of the float: Support of Banks.

Greece receives financial aids for survival but the money is forwarded directly to the wealthy elites, who don`t pay ny taxes and sabotage Greece recovery. The EU money  is rather transferred to banks abroad (see above), while the People of Greece are facing a breakdown of their HealthCare, economy, pension schemes and public infrastructure etc.

Italy could become the next candidate…As you can see, there are many provocative motifs for future floats.


The major of Dusseldorf City is hunting the head of a financial Institution based in Dusseldorf, who wants avoid taxes on profits.


German economy (Merkel) and France (ex president Sarkozy)


On the feather tail of the tiny, naked, vain cock: “Your Berlusconi (ex president of Italy) is back.”


“Refugee Graveyard – Mediterranian Sea” – On the boat: “This is the true downfall of the Occident”


The States and the Mexican migration issue.


The wave of refugees might let sink the CDU Government led by Merkel


Islamic Terror doesn`t intimidate us.


Satire cannot be killed.


The Pope Franziskus: Beating…but with dignity.


IS Terrorist calls an AfD politician (AfD = newcomer right-wing party in Germany that fuels hatred on muslims) “useful idiots”.


ex US-President Bush (Christian extremism vs Muslim extremism)


Turkish president Erdogan – not ErdoWahn ( = Erdo-delusion, writing on the turban) -who is accused to be a right-wing Islamist & autocrat, who cannot stand criticism and other opinions (he accused all kind of people – like politicians, journalists, Judges, police etc. – to be terrorists in order to silence and imprison them if required), Erdogan is causing great tensions in Germany – not only he used to Insult Germany and its reps by calling them Nazis etc. but also by alienating and taking influence on the huge Turkish community that lives in Germany (often in 3rd Generation) and becomes more & more conservative and religous. The majority of Turks in Germany (with or without German passport) seems to be more loyal to Turkey than to Germany and is critisized for supporting and cit.”loving”  Erdogan who is establishing a corrupt dictatorship in the view of many bio-Germans, who don`t understand why their Turkish neighbours love an authoritarian, islamistic autocrat, while enjoying the Benefits & prosperity of  a liberal, tolerance-based democracy with all kind of freedoms and a clear separation between religion and state/government. It is said that the Turks in Germany love Erdogan and its rude nationalism due to an inferiority complex. Besides, they think that Erdogan is responsible for the economic upswing in Turkey that was very much less developed and poor compared with Europe.  Today, Turkey is in the middle of an economic Crisis due to his high Inflation and his high Levels of governmental but also private debts.  Turkey has to ask Germany and the EU for financial support now. Among the Turks in Germany it is not tolerated to critisize Erdogan. The social pressure is high. The Turkish Government has estblsihed a Hotline – for German Turks to denunciate Turks who critisize the Turkish Government.


“Carnival for All!” … all Kind of religions including atheists.


IS and Erdogan (president of Turkey) clinking glasses with the blood of the Kurds.

The Kurds are a minority group in Turkey, who are aiming for an independent state within the borders of the former “Kurdistan” – a country that was divided after WWI and covers territory in Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq.
The Kurds don`t support the Government of Erdogan and are accused to be terrorists due to their separatism.
Same time, the Kurds are successfully fighting back the IS troops – and prevent the expansion of the IS (also in direction to the Turkish territory). The Kurds are known for their bravery but suffer from high losses, very limited resources and poor Western support. Western countries namely try to maintain good relations to Turkey. Turkey is a NATO member of geostrategical importance and the EU is dependent on Turkey that blocks increasing refugee flows (coming from the Middle East, Africa, Afghanistan but also from Pakisthan, Bangladesh & India).  In fact, Turkey is paid well for closing its borders. Furthermore, it is the aim of the West to avoid that Russia and China gain more influence in the European backyard utilizing Turkey as an entrance. The Kurds have to pay the bill. They are caught in between the lines of fire. Enemies like Turkey and the IS are easily agreeing on a common foe – the Kurds.

By the way, the still biggest migrant group in Germany are the Turkish people (since the 60`s/70`s) and of course, Germany gave home to a huge amount of Kurdish migrants as well…


“Cultivation of Traditions / Heritage” (writing at the side of the float) – Cardinal Meissner (a very conservative German catholic) is burning a Woman, who confessed an abortion. Abortions till the 12th week (I think) are legal in Germany. Abortions at a later stage of pregnancy require an exemption and special justification.


First suicide bomber: REALITY; second one: Chliché / stereotype.


Thousands of people attend the carnival parades, that you can watch on TV as well, every year. The party continues in bars & clubs, ballrooms or at home. Many People take holidays for a week.

Map with Carnival and Fastnacht Locations in Germany.



Helau (Dusseldorf)!  Allaaf (Cologne)! …These are the two most common Carnival Greetings.

More Rural Fastnacht

The Fastnacht with ist local rituals, fairytales and very old handmade costumes (that are forwarded from one generation to the next one) is a completely different story.