Tipp No. 139: “Bärenstark – Strong As A Bear” by the Cartoonist & Illustrator Steffen Butz (Germany)

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Could you follow
your low, animal (brute) instincts
at least once week?!
She: If the bee extinction continues like that,
there will be no honey in the future anymore.
He: Well, we will eat just the beekeepers.
Damn, Hubert! We `ve got a caver in our toilet again!
Strange that there are always parts left over…
You will get better…, don`t worry.
Darling, I’ve found a personal trainer for us.
Finally, I got an unpleasant feeling when he told me, he is an emotional / stress eater with a fear of flying.
Yes! Scratch me, bite me, give me animal names!
The self-made baby changing table was really nice.

About The Cartoonist & Illustrator Steffen Butz…

Tipp No. 87: “Europe According To” – Funny Maps of Europe by Yanko Tsvetkov (Bulgaria)

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Now that the question of European “unity” is debatable, the red line between reality and satire becomes even thinner. Exactly this “core of truth” is the reason why Yanko`s maps are so funny.

In my view, it would make sense to add China`s perspective. I already thought about the idea to do this job on my own. A dialogue with my Chinese colleagues to exchamge prejudices in a friendly atmosphere might be fun… And what`s about India` s view on Europe?

Europe according to England / UK
Europe according to France
Europe according to Germany
Europe according to Switzerland
Turkey (Note: If Turkey belongs to Europe at all is controversial)


The official stereotype lab of Yanko Tsvetkov, a bestselling author, prolific cartographer, and leading international bigotry professional with a taste for salacious political incorrectness and unconventional historical studies. Opinions are not his own, he’s merely a curator …..According to himself.

Please, have a look at international bestseller “The “Atlas of Prejudice” by Yankov too if you are interested in more stereotypes: https://atlasofprejudice.com/