Insight No. 14: Ready For Change? 18 Traits of Mentally Strong People

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Awareness might be a ggod start but it is of noo value if you `re not able to identify fields of action, to make decisions, to set priorities, to develop capabilities, to motivate yourself, to inspire others  and to consequently implement  change.

Of course, change management principles – as described by the Kübler-Ross-Curve above – can be equally applied to your private life.

Why is it so incredibly tough to loss weight, to quit smoking, to improve work-life-balance, to quit a Job you hate, to leave an insane partnership and so on?

The Change Curve provides you a kind of rough road map also including a description of emotional development along the change process.

It might be helpful to define a set of actions or drivers for each stage to create Motion along the change processs.   For instance, how is it possibe to overcome “denial”, “frustrations” and “Depression”. Who could support you in doing so?

Are you utilizing the unique opportinity to experiment or are you blinkered – and if so why?

Change is Always an invitation for self-analysis and self-reflection. Leaving your comfort Zone – even if it is an unhappy life, facing the truth without any self-deception, taking responsibility for one`s own life… is a tough job and painful, no doubt. But life is no Dress rehearsal. Don´t waste it.

To keep yourself going, it might be helpful to fall back on the set of resilience Tools (see below: 18 Things Mentally Strong People Do), everybody can deploy. It is no rocket science at all but requires some discipline for sure. Thus, don`t overstrain yourself and be generuous and forgiving to yourself…to avoid self-sabotage. Everybody has got his own pace…just keep direction and move on.