Tipp No. 97: Spectacular Couture – A Fusion of Traditional Craftsmanship & New Technologies by Iris van Herpen (Netherlands)

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IRIS VAN HERPEN – Definetely one of my absolute favorite fashion designers, inventors & artists….unfortunately beyond my budget.

Her COUTURE respectively the brilliant pictures of her breath-taking art pieces – taken by MORGAN O`DONOVAN – is pure eye-candy in my view…


IRIS VAN HERPEN is a Dutch fashion designer who is widely recognized as one of fashion’s most talented and forward-thinking creators who continuously pushes the boundaries of fashion design.

Since her first show in 2007 van Herpen has been preoccupied with inventing new forms and methods of sartorial expression by combining the most traditional and the most radical materials and garment construction methods into her unique aesthetic vision. 

Van Herpen is often hailed as a pioneer in utilizing 3D printing as a garment construction technique, and as an innovator who is comfortable with using technology as one of the guiding principles in her work because of its sculptural nature and unfamiliar form.

The designer’s intent is to blend the past and the future into a distinct version of the present by fusing technology and traditional Couture craftsmanship.

Her singular vision combined with the complexity of her creations has made van Herpen a fixture on the Paris Haute Couture calendar, where she has shown since January 2011. Additionally, van Herpen’s work has been featured in various notable museum exhibitions.

Because of van Herpen’s interest in multidisciplinary approach to creation that goes beyond fashion, she has often collaborated with various artists such as Jolan van der Wiel and Neri Oxman and architects such as Philip Beesley and Benthem and Crouwel Architects. The designer’s interest in science and technology has led to ongoing conversations with CERN (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).


Tipp No. 129: Powerful Documentary: “EMBRACE – You Are Beautiful!” by Taryn Brumfitt

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I watched the touching movie together with friends…
And all of us had a lump in our throats…actually, a few tears appeared too.

What are we doing to ourselves?!

“91% of women
hate their bodies.”

For centuries, women have been told that they need to be beautiful…as if that`s the most important thing they can be.

Instead of investing in their life quality, meaningful projects and development of their skills, women spend their time & money on fitness classes, fashion, diets, cosmetics, hair dressers, nail design shops etc. ….and sadly never ever feel being “enough”.

Join Taryn Brumfitt on their journey to free herself – also in order to become a role model for her little daughter who shall enjoy life and spend her valuable resources on more important things than on bullshit like beauty standards that are created to transform women into cash cows.

Do not try to please others…Be your own loving best friend….

AND everyBODY!”

Be smart and do not waste your time with excessive and insane beauty maintenance while you are capable to change and rule the world.

Before – After Photo of Taryn

Tipp No. 96: Icelandic Fashion Designer Anita Hirlekar – “Explosion of Color & Texture”

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Since visiting Norway a few years ago, I knew that I must have some Scandinavian blood like friends & colleagues abroad supposed. My body design & features clearly indicates that my ancestors were not 100% Southern French-German. In Norway, I found my shopping paradise.

The swimmer-like width of my shoulders, my long arms & legs and female curves…no problem. Frankly speaking, my appearance is not cute at all (at least at first sight). I am a shield maid and a real woman – and not a kawai little girl. I spent some time in Asia, where I couldn´t find anything for my wardrobe.

By the way, later year I did one of these popular genetic tests and finally got the confirmation, in terms of genetic ethnicity I am a French-German-Scandinavian Mix plus a dash of Iberian. No wonder that Scandinavian fashion fits me well.

However, may I introduce ANITA HIRLEKAR`s beautiful work and philosophy to you?

Autumn n/ Winter Collection 2018
Autumn / Winter 2018
Autumn / Winter 2018

Autumn/Winter 2018 is a collection with a strong focus on textiles (print, felt, and embroidery) and the quality of hand work. It is about going to back to making things by hand to create something meaningful and special. All the fabrics was made by Anita in her textile studio in Akureyri Iceland. 

Pre-Fall 2018

Taking an artistic approach to fashion, ANITA HIRLEKAR has an unconstrained use to color & texture. 

The prints are developed and hand painted by Anita using her embroidered pieces as inspiration. All fabrics vary in color & texture giving the garment a unique appearance. The collection consists of easy & elegant print dresses & separates. All the textiles and accessories are made in our studio in north of Iceland.

Autumn / Winter 2017
Autumn / Winter 2017

Feature on Vogue Italia

At the occasion of the Reykjavik Fashion Show 2017, Cit.: The RFF was closed by talented Aníta Hirlekar, the designer whose strongest point is her artisanal approach – recognizing (and preserving) the importance and uniqueness of handmade clothing. She sent down the runway tops and dresses with innovative and colorful textures, in perfect balance with the elegance of all the silhouettes

Spring / Summer 2016
Winter / Fall 2014
Winter / Fall 2014


ANITA HIRLEKAR is a womenswear label based in Reykjavik, Iceland. Established in 2014 the eponymous brand creates sophisticated and feminine designs with a playful touch.  

Taking an artistic approach to fashion, ANITA HIRLEKAR has an unconstrained use of color & texture. The designs have a strong attention to innovative fabrications always focusing on longevity

The brands signature is to develop a vision that will reflect the uniqueness of the human touch, combining handcrafts with an high fashion sensibility. 

All the textiles are made & developed in our studio in north of Iceland.

Anita completed both BA in Fashion Design with Print in 2012 followed by the MA specializing in Fashion Textiles at Central Saint Martins collage of Art and Design in London.

Since graduating in 2014 Anita Hirlekar has received international acknowledgment. Anita´s unique vision of style & colors was recognized when she was chosen as one of four ones to watch designers at London fashion week SS 16. 

Her designs has been featured in numerous publications such as Elle USSelf Service & i-D magazine & worn by creative women such as the award winning director Rungano Nyoni at the BAFTAs 2018.

Political Cartoon No. 5: “Undercover” by Evans

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Die Blondine: Alles verhüllt außer Ihre Augen, was für eine grausame von Männern dominierte Kultur!

Die Frau bekleidet mit einer Burka: Nichts verhüllt außer Ihre Augen, was für eine grausame von Männern dominierte Kultur!

Insight No. 52: “IKEA Democratic Design Days” – IKEA Trends 2019 (Recovered! deut. & engl.)

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I am sorry, I had to write the post once more. The 1st version was not saved! 😦



Rund 300 Journalisten und Blogger pilgern Jahr für Jahr ins beschauliche Älmhult, dem schwedischen Firmensitz von Ikea, um einen ersten Blick der neuen Produkte zu erhaschen und zu erfahren, was das Unternehmen fürs kommende Jahr plant. Zum Start der Veranstaltung erklärt Chefdesigner Marcus Engman, wie sich wohnen durch Digitalisierung verändert und wie Ikea künftig mehr für den Umweltschutz tun will.

Engl.: About 300 journalists and bloggers met in Älmhult, the Swedish Headquarters of IKEA in order to get an insight in latest furniture, interior and Lifestyle Trends, innovations and new IKEA Collections and the companies future plans. Chief Designer Marcus Engman presented a study About the Impact of the digitalisation on our way of Living and introduced IKEAS new environmental protection initiatives.


Die “Fôremål” Kuriositäten Serie ist eine limitierte Edition, die von Per B. Sundberg kreiert wurde und jetzt im Herbst auf dem Markt kommt.

Engl.: The “Fôremål” oddities series is a limited edition that is launched now. 


Procelain clothes hook / Kleiderhaken


Skull Vases, Odds & Ends, colourful pillows and carpets


Banana Pencil Holder / Bananen Stiftehalter



Helles Holz, schlichtes Design, funktionale Form: so kennt man skandinavisches Design – und so kennt man Ikea. In diesem Stil kommt auch die Kollektion “Markerad” daher, unaufgeregt, ohne langweilig zu werden. Dafür sorgt schon der Designer Virgil Abloh, der nach seinem Job bei Ikea als Men’s Artistic Director Louis Vuitton unterstützt.

Engl.: The “Markerad” furniture is characterized by light wood, a clean & relaxed design and functionality. This new collection was designed by Virgil Abloh who is working for Louis Vuitton as Men`s Artistic Director.


Die Vitrine aus der Kollektion “Markerad” bietet Platz für alles, was einem lieb & teuer ist, und macht diese Sammlung für alle sichtbar – ähnlich wie dies heute virtuell in den sozialen Medien passiert. Zitat IKEA: “Das Leben in einem Schaukasten, ich zeige, also bin ich.” Damit steht das Konzept dem simultanen Trend des Minimalismus & Downsizings, Micro Appartments / Homes sowie des global/urban Nomadentums mit unbeschränkter Mobilität konträr gegenüber.

Engl.: The Markerad showcase is still a prototype that responds to the social media driven market trend to create and develop an identity & fashionable lifestyle by showcasing your staged “private life”. Cit. IKEA: Life in a Display Cabinet, I Show, therefore I am. The concept of showcasing collectibles is in contrast to the simultan trend of minimalism & downsizing, micro appartments & homes, global / urban nomad lifestyle with unlimited mobility.

markerad vitrine



Der australische Künstler Craig Redman macht seit Jahren mit seinen farbenfrohen Entwürfen das Design für MCM, Louis Vuitton, Google oder Air France. Seine IKEA Kollektion “Förnyad” wird 2019 auf den Markt kommen, erste Prototypen sind hier zu sehen.

Engl.: The Australian Artist Craig Redman develops colourful designs for MCM, Louis Vuitton, Google or Air France for many years. His IKEA Collection “Förnyad” willbe launched in 2019, here are first prototypes…




Keramik im Hand-made-Look, schlichte Schalen aus Holz, Muster im Ethno-Stil – das ist  die Kollektion “Överallt”. Zehn Designer aus sieben afrikanischen Ländern kümmerten sich um das Ensemble, die eine Art Grundausstattung für das Zuhause bieten soll. Die Entwürfe stammen aus der Welt der Mode, der Bildhauerei, Architektur und dem Möbeldesign.

Engl.: Ceramics in handmade look, plain wooden bowls, ethic style Patterns – this is the Collection “Överallt”. 10 Designer from 7 African developped the Ensemble that shall provide a basic Household Equipment. The design is inspired by the Fashion world, sculpturing,  architecture and furniture design.




Die Modedesignerin Selly Raby Kane aus dem Senegal und Strickdesigner Laduma Ngxokolo aus Südafrika zeichen sich verantwortlich für das Design von Textilien & Muster der neuen Kollektion.

Engl.: The Fashion designer Selly Raby Kane from Senegal and the knitting designer Laduma Ngxokolo from South Africa have been in charge for the design of the fabrics & Patterns of the new Collection. 





An die japanische Handwerkkunst des Shibori-Färbens erinnert die Kollektion “Tänkvärd” ( = unvergessen), die 2019 auf den Markt kommen wird. Shibori war zunächst auf Kimonos beschränkt, heute ist das Batiktauchen beliebt bei allem, was irgendwie Farbe annimmt.

Engl.: The Collection “Tänkvärd” (= unforgotten), which will be launched in 2019, refers to ther Japanese craftmanship of Shibori batik dyeing. Shibori was originally exclusively applied to Kimonos, today this technique is used for other products as well.


“Tänkvard” besteht ausschließlich aus nachhaltigen Materialien, wie Baumwolle, Leinen, Seegras, Rattan und Jute.

Engl.: “Tänkvard” is made of sustainable materials only, such as Cotton, sea grass, Rattan and jute.


Nur natürliche Materialien kommen bei “Tänkvärd” zum Einsatz – der Umwelt zuliebe. Hier zu sehen: Ein Lampenschirm aus Stoff-Fahnen, noch als Prototyp.

Engl.: Tänkvärd consists of natural materials solely – to ensure environmental protection. Below: A light lamp shade made of dyed textile flags, still as a prototype.



Keep-Off ist noch eine limitierte Edition.

keep off

Von der japanischen Cartoon-Meisterin Misaki Kawai stammt dieser Teppich, zu haben ab Frühjahr 2019. Misaki Kawai entwirft sonst Kunst für die Wand, für Ikea lässt sie sich auf den Boden herunter.

Engl.: The carpet below was designed by the Cartoon master Misaki Kawai. It will be available in spring 2019. Misaki Kawai  is designing art pieces to be put on walls, for IKEA he descended to the floor.





Die Anrichte Havsta im edlen Grau.



Für Spontan-Partys ist die Kollektion “Frekvens” gedacht. Alles daran ist tragbar: Tische zum Untern-Arm-Klemmen, Keramik für auf die Knie, Poufs für jetzt und überall. Dazu poppige Lautsprecher mit Griff – let’s go. Miterfinder der Kollektion ist die schwedische Designschmiede Teenage Engineering. Die Kollektion erscheint im Frühjahr 2019.

Engl.: Frekvens is designed for spontaneous Partys. Everything is portable: Tables to be carried underneath the arm, ceramics to be placed on your knees, poufs for everywhere and now. Additionally, fancy loudspeakers with handles – let`s go. Co-Inventor of this Collection is the Swedish Design Company Teenage Engineering. The Collection will be available in spring 2019. 

party frek



Für die Kollektion “Annanstans” holte der Künstler Martin Bergström Handwerker aus Indien, Rumänien und Thailand und mischte die Kulturen wild durcheinander. Das Ergebnis ist ein Mix and Match aus Keramik, Stoffen, Körben und Vorhängen im Handmade-Stil. Manche passen gut zueinander, andere eher weniger gut. Gelebt wird das perfekt Unperfekte (Wabi Sabi Prinzip, siehe meinen Post).

Engl.: For the Collection “Annanstans”, the Artist Martin Bergström hierd craftsmen from India, Rumania and Thailand and mixed cultures. The result is a mix & match of ceramics, fabrics, baskets and curtains in a hand-made style. Some products match well, others not so much. The perfect Imperfect (wabi sabi principle, pls. see my post about it) is lived.

mix u match




Ektorp in einem blumigen Gewand. der Bezug ist natürlich bei Bedarf austauschbar.

Engl: Ektorp in a bloomy Dress. The cover is removable on demand, of course.

Further Trends 2019:

  • Imperfect Polka-Dots (uneven distributed dots)
  • Light Brown-Pink colour
  • Tone-in-tone, monochrome decoration (preferably use of calm colours like ocean blue)
  • Patterns with Hexagons
  • Dark grey is the new black
  • Big Flower Patterns
  • Mobile Interior
  • Bold kitchens (dark Color shades, distinctive accents)
  • Clutter done right (organizers, furniture with displays etc.)
  • Closet alternatives (better use of space)
  • Rich colours (spaces filled with different shades of the same color or color family.)
  • Mismatched chairs
  • Multi-Purpose everything



…or simply have a few Hot Dogs!