Poem No. 130: “Happiness 4 You” by Terrie

Gedichte, poems
happiness 4 you
i only want you to be happy
                                                even if it being so, does not include me

i want the best for you; even if i couldn't be the one to give them to you

i want to be the one makes your heart melt;
i want to be beside you ever single second of my life
and most especially when you've had a bad day
EVEN if you tell me to stop wasting my time on you
i would gladly waste all my hours, minutes,seconds 
days,weeks,months, EVEN YEARS
just to see you happy,

i want to give you all my love; but i don't have the chance to do so

clearly you love him; i love you
obviously i should stop trying;i love you
probably because i love you too much; its true
that i did not see the knife coming 
that's about to go through my heart
and rip it apart, now it's gone
but, at least your happy but just not with me
and now i'll stop trying; because just like i said before

i want you to be happy
                                       even it being so, does not include me

Poem No. 36: To My Husband (An meinen Ehemann) by Eliza

Gedichte, poems

To My Husband

When from the world, I shall be tane, 
And from earths necessary paine, 
Then let no blacks be worne for me, 
Not in a Ring my dear by thee. 
But this bright Diamond, let it be 
Worn in remembrance of me. 
And when it sparkles in your eye, 
Think ’tis my shadow passeth by. 
For why, more bright you shall me see, 
Then that or any Gem can bee. 
Dress not the house with sable weed, 
As if there was some dismal deed 
Acted to be when I am gone, 
There is no cause for me to mourn. 
And let no badge of Herald be 
The sign of my Antiquity. 
It was my glory I did spring 
From heavens eternall powerful King: 
To his bright Palace heir am I. 
It is his promise, hee’l not lye. 
By my dear Brother lay me, 
It was a promise made by thee, 
And now I must bid thee adieu, 
For I’me a parting now from you.