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Cartoon No. 17: Who are you? (Wer bist Du?)

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No. 1 of 7: The Ray of Light: Only now, we can wonder…Who is she?

Wer ist SR 01 - Kopie_LI (2).jpg

No. 2 of 7: The 4 Elements: “It´s me!”

Wer ist SR 02

No. 3 of 7:
The Ray of Light: WHO?
Air: No Panic. There must be a logical answer! Think! 
Water: Oh, I am already suffering from myself …spare myself! 
Fire: COWARDS! This stupid ray of light won´t decide who I am! 
Earth: I don`t understand anything! I am hungry! I feel cold! I want to sleep!

Wer ist SR 03

No. 4 of 7:
The Ray of Light: I can give Life… but to whom of you 4? 
Air: Aaah! 
Water: Schluchz! 
Fire: That´s beyond question! Me! 
Earth: Pah! Without me, anything will work!

Wer ist SR 04.jpg

No. 5 of 7: All 4 Elements: ME! MEEEE!

Wer ist SR 05.jpg

No. 6 of 7: Flash!

Wer ist SR 06.jpg

No. 7 of 7: She: Was it just a dream?

Wer ist SR 07

“Happy Eastern!” to all of You – “Frohe Ostern!”

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Cartoon by Marunde

Rabbit with college block: “Is that all, you have worked on for the last 4 weeks, Schröder?”

Rabbit Artist: “To develop a grey, that point beyond itself (is transcendent), is a time-consuming process, Boss.”

“I wish you all an awesome Easter Brunch!”

Best wishes from Weiss-Nix

Shared No. 102: “My Life With Gracie…Seasons Of Friendship” — by My Life With Gracie (John Spiers)

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We are awaiting John`s first book impatiently….

“What are you doing?” asked Gracie. “I’m making some pencil sketches of you and the others.” “Why would you do that?” “So I won’t forget any of you.” “You aren’t forgetful. You always remember to feed us.” “Well, sometimes people forget even though they don’t want to forget especially when they get old. So I […]

My Life With Gracie…Seasons Of Friendship — My Life With Gracie

Cartoon No. 9: Auf der Suche nach Zufriedenheit (Quest for Contentment)

arts, Cartoons, humor, Kunst, Psychologie, psychology, Reisen, Travel, Zen
Bessei-Fay - Reisen.jpg

The Wayfarer: “Master, shall I travel to find contentment, or shall I discover contentment where I am?

The Turtle (Master): “Mmmh, if you`re able to be anywhere else than you are,…Go!”