Insight No. 6: Beware of Artificial Sweetener

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Sugar consumption is more & more subject to criticism. Cutting sugar consumption is really tough. I already failed several times to be honest. In the Event of increased stress an d an overdosis of Cortisol in my body System, my brain is still screaming for a sugar boost to calm me down and to provide me with an immediate, cheap self-reward, like the little girl I `ve been expects to get. I am well-conditioned.

But I am not willing to give up. I try to negotiate with myself and to compromise on a daily basis.

In order to do it not without any sweet moodlifter, I fell back on artificial sweeteners, like million other consumers.
But please, beware of the fact that these substitutes are no solution at all. They are dangerous. They are seriously health damaging.

The FDA and similar European authorities established an ADI (acceptable daily intake Levels) defined as an amount in milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day (mg/kg bw/d), indicating that a high-intensity sweetener does not cause safety concerns if estimated daily intakes are lower than the ADI. But are the studies – laying the foundation for the ADI – developed independently? Of Course, not. An Italian laboratory that tested sugar substitutes and challenged existing studies was closed down quickly.

Cancer, metabolic disorders, brain damage (by intense consumption & abuse of sweeteners, as you can observe in case of people with eating disorders, who become often severly addicted to these sugar substitutes) and …over time weight gain, these are the negative health effects  independent scientists and medics are warning for.

Of course, it`s up to you, whom you believe & trust…but is sweet taste without real sugar  worth it, it take unnecessary risks with a high potential of severe physical & mental health damage.

Finally, I´d like to share with you some food for thoughts. The shady history of the development of sweeteners is namely indisputable. Fasten your seat belts….

Schweinemast-Auflagen-fuer-die-Zuwegung_big_teaser_articleOriginally, these substances were developed and marketed to farmers – in particular to pig breeders!

The sweeteners were used to significantly rise the pig`s appetite and food consumption to accelerate weight gain and increase breeding productivity!!!

These evil substances are not only influencing eating habits (preference of sweet taste and therefore food with high energy provisioning) but are also manipulating brain chemistry targeting the reward system. If the Dopamin system is triggered frequently, the user has to face the risk to enter into a vicious cycle quickly. He / she will need repeated and increasing dosis of his/her fix in the long run. This mechanism might explain the US trend to market super-size food portions and sweet sodas. Besides food designers & food chemists put emphasis on manipulating our hormons to ensure that we are finishing our meal or snack without any leftovers…because it is the aim to boost sales.

Think of the original purpose of sweeteners, when you chose diet products! The Industry looks at you simply as a pig. They are feeders, who take benefit of you by making you dependent on them! Feeders don´t want you to become healthy or happy. They want you to continue to consume and to consume more of stuff you don´t need at all!!!!

The unhappier and unhealthier you are, the more money you`ll finally spend to feel better. Consumption is just a very short-term fix like any other illegal drug. You will work more and harder financing your next fix…like an expensive pair of shoes, a new car, short lived fashion articles, (fitness) club memberships and so on….wasting your life time to keep the vicious cycle spinning.

You are finally too exhausted to care for the truly essential moodlifters in life….your family, your friends, your community…

And finally you´re too busy and dependent on sources of income to reflect and question the economical, social and political system of SELF-Exploitation, you´re integrated in by choice.

detox teeLook at the product portfolio and (neuro-)marketing campaigns! In Germany, there was launched a new brand of marmelade called “Glück” (good luck) recently. We´ve got various kinds of tea in the supermarket shelves like  “Harmo-ny”, “Relax”, “Inner Peace”,  etc. In the shelf with breakfast cereals & Müsli, you will discover products promising: “Love”, “Balance”, “Joy”, “Adventures”, “Health”, “Happy Kids” etc.

Do you notice anything? Marketing cannot be more treasonous and blunt than it is nowadays. Do you seriously think you will be felt loved, less lonely, appreciated, healthy and empowered if you spend your money on chocolate bars, cereals, fast food, fashion, expensive holiday trips and so on? Seriously?

In Germany, there is a well-known Slogan about consumption: “I buy stuff I don`t need with money I don`t possess, to impress people I don`t like.” 

Of course, I don´t expect anyone to become an ascete, completely refusing to consume…but in our own interest, it might be heldpful to slow-down a bit and to self-reflect about our purchasing behavior – and which is more important – About our true needs…Do you need sweets – or do you simply need a break, good company, some comfort or a hug?

What is eating you? Are you possibly suffering from “Emotional Hunger”?

Are you afraid to become less attractive, which means less accepted or even excluded from the peer group of your choice? Are These people worth it to spend your life time torturing and blaming yourself for underperformance and non-compliance to standards that have been created by marketing experts to finally make wealthy people even wealthier at your expense?

Let`s quit being “consumption idiots” and “productive livestock” for money makers & their bunch of corporate mercenaries!

To begin with, let`s quit artificial sugar substitutes. Life is sweet enough without killing yourself slowly.