Thank you * Danke * Merci!

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Yesterday, revisiting “The Red Box” after a break, I surprisingly noticed that The Red Box has hit respectively has already exceeded the 200 followers mark!


…not only for your interest in my sometimes a bit weird mix of posts but also for sharing your expertise, thoughts, opinions, emotions, poems, recipes (= culinary poems), teasers for traveling, arts and much more treasures with me and others. You are awesome and an enrichment.

The about 6-months old, tiny blog “The Red Box” was born spontaneously. I put my cartoons, a couple of pencil drawings and own Haikus online in order to gain some social media insight, frankly speaking.
Soon, I noticed that I apparently enjoy it to research, illustrate and write the posts very much. In times of struggling with my health, the blogging is also a nice distraction and the topics are a reminder of the diversity, beauty & uniqueness of life.

In the meantime, I`ve published a bouquet of 716 posts without really noticing it.
To be honest, I am in particular surprised about the huge global coverage of “The Red Box”.
I like the idea very much that all of us sharing so many interests and issues beyond geographical, culture-, gender-, age-related borders. Well, we are all human beings with the same basic needs, I guess.

Admittedly, I am often curious who is visiting my blog “The Red Box”…who are the readers on the remote island Vanuatu or in Nepal for instance? Are there any readers in my German neighborhood, I could meet in person? What do we have in common or not?

However, whereever and whoever you are…I wish all of you simply the best.

At this occasion, I finally have to thank all the amazing international artists who generously allowed me to publish photos of their art work accompanied by their CVs and artists statements – and who agreed on my personal thoughts & comments in regard of their fascinating work. Merci!

Of course, all visitors are welcome to provide some feedback or comments any time.

Stay awesome!

Beautiful Creatures No. 5: Spider – Spinne – Araignée

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No Alien. Just one of our harmless, useful  – and surprisingly cute looking – subtenants.

If you reduce distance, appreciation grows… 

Thoughts No.1: The Greatest Loss (Der größte Verlust); also about The TUTU Project

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Death is not The Greatest 

Loss in Life.

It is what dies inside us,

while we live.


Tod ist nicht der Größte

Verlust im Leben

Es ist was in uns stirbt,

während wir leben. 




By hte way, may I introduce you to “The TUTU PROJECT”


Our non-profit provides funding for expenses not covered by insurance for breast cancer patients.


We believe people touched by breast cancer deserve more than one month of activism, they deserve daily empowerment.

That’s why we created Dare2Tutu, a fundraising campaign from September through December, meant to cheer up people living with breast cancer. You can activate #Dare2Tutu in your school, with your athletic team, throughout your office, and everywhere else in between.