Beautiful Creatures No. 5: Spider – Spinne – Araignée

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No Alien. Just one of our harmless, useful  – and surprisingly cute looking – subtenants.

If you reduce distance, appreciation grows… 

Tipp No. 89: “Animeyed” – Fine Arts Portrait Photography by Flora Borsi (Hungary)

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Ähnliches Foto
Ähnliches Foto
Bildergebnis für fine art photography portrait flora borsi
Bildergebnis für fine art photography portrait flora borsi
Ähnliches Foto
Ähnliches Foto
Bildergebnis für fine art photography portrait flora borsi
Bildergebnis für fine art photography portrait flora borsi
Bildergebnis für fine art photography portrait flora borsi


Flora is a young fine art photographer from Hungary. She uses exquisite photo manipulation to create surreal images that are thematically focused on identity, relationships, emotions and dreams. Her immaculate technique and subtle conceptual 
ideas create beautiful evocations of universal emotions, from lust and desire to despair and loss.Flora at once captures the complex strength and fragility of the human psyche. She expertly visualises dark fantasies and atmospheric dreams, utilising the uncanny and clever metaphor, while unlocking what it means to think, feel, dream and express in the urban world.Her work often features the female body and she plays with hiding and revealing the eyes or face to leave only the feminine form, exploring questions of female representation and the relationship between body and self. 

Flora has exhibited internationally with solo exhibitions in Europe and the USA, and has most notably taken part in the
“Continental Shift” group exhibition at Saatchi Gallery. She has also exhibited at the Louvre, France.
Her ethereal aesthetic has won multiple art prizes and garnered critical acclaim from press including The Guardian’s Observer
and BBC Culture. Her artwork was the face of Adobe Photoshop in 2014.

Her work is offered here:

Tipp No. 77: “False Promise of Perfection” – Fine Arts Photography by Petrina Hicks (Australia)

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Petrina Hicks (born 1972 in Sydney) utilises the seductive and glossy language of commercial photography to create artworks that probe at the false promise of perfection.

Her work often explores female identity making reference to mythology and art history and drawing associations between these elements and contemporary image culture.

Of further interest is the symbiotic relationship between animal and human reflected in her work.

Petrina Hicks has been awarded various notable prizes and residencies including; 2014 Bowness Photography Prize, Josephine Ulrick Photography Award for Portraiture, 2008 ABN Emerging Artist Award, La Cite, Paris Residency, Art Gallery of NSW and 8 month Fellowship, Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany.

Her website:

Shared No. 121: “Northern Mockingbird” — by Tony G. (Blog: Feathered Focus)

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Sleepless Nights? Assumption to suffer from OCD (= obsessive compulsory disorder) because of your controlling behavior triggered by strange noise or specific sounds?

Did you ever consider this suspect? The Northern Mockingbird might observe you and chuckle…Tony is pleased to introduce you to the feathered sound machine.

Tipp No. 139 (new photo): “Touching Wildlife Photography with a Dash of Humor” by Carla Rhodes (USA)

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“I’m a lifelong nature girl who is an active seeker and observer. “
(Carla Rhodes)

A few weeks ago, I came across Carla Rhodes`touching wildlife photography and was fascinated at first sight. Now, while writing these lines, I wonder what kind of magic Carla`s art work represent…


Well, of course I love animals. In fact, I appreciate it in particular if animals are perceived not only as a representative of their species but as an unique personality.


On the one hand, Carlas` wildlife photography shows a good sense of humor and makes the viewer chuckle. The award winning photo with the 2 buddy saurians on the Galapagos islands is simply adorable.


On the other hand, a number of her photos are reminders and definitely provide food for thoughts. I share one example: “The crane on the waste dump in India”, which is a part of a series of photos.
Another example shows a cow – the Hindu holy animal in India – on the same dump. “Honi soit qui mal y pense”…also thinking of the Christian “golden calf”… I immediately had the association of “worshiping consumption”… But at the same time, it is comforting to observe the adaptability and resilience of our wildlife. 


To watch the majestic crane – known as a symbol for loyalty, longevity and good luck – looking for food on a dirty and possibly toxic dumb is sad and gives way to other associations… nevertheless in my view, the crane doesn`t lose his beauty and dignity despite of his struggles to survive in this polluted habitat.


Carla`s work also contains photos includes heart-warming images of poetic moments of beauty like the bird with the flower. Yes, sometimes we should take time to think pink!

Okay, now I know why I was touched by Carla Rhodes`photography.
It is great if an artist is able to cover a wide range of perspectives without losing her personal signature / style.
I look forward to receive updates of her ongoing and future projects.

Winner of The Reader`s Choice Award of the 16th Annual Smithonian`s Photo Contest 2019
(For more details about this photo, please scroll down at the end of this blog)
Marine Iguana, Galapagos Islands


Carla Rhodes is a Wildlife Photographer with a conservation-based mindset. Her ultimate goal is to document wildlife with empathy and understanding in the hopes of raising awareness and educating the public through the photographic artform.

As a result of spending a lifetime in the entertainment industry as a comedian and ventriloquist, Carla brings a unique set of skills and point of view to her work. Used to being in front of the camera, her new passion is behind the lens photographing wildlife and telling their stories. A combined set of strong communication skills, fearlessness and unique sense of humor helps her stand out from the herd.

In 2018 alone, her wildlife shots were featured on National Geographic (online) as a ‘Top Shot’ (including social media: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook), the cover of New York City’s Urban Audubon magazine, Judge’s Favorite in the 2018 Nature Conservancy Photo Contest and winner of The Galapagos Conservancy’s 2019 Calendar contest.

2019 has brought more accolades including Readers’ Choice winner of The Smithsonian’s 16th Annual Photo Contest (chosen out of 48,000 entries and had over 25,000 votes!), Finalist (portrait category) in Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019 and Expert Commended entries in Bird Photographer Of The Year 2019.

Additionally, Carla holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications from Middle State Tennessee University. She proudly carries a Class I New York State Wildlife Rehabilitation License and one of her favorite causes is volunteering for the Wild Bird Fund in New York City.

Current projects include ongoing photographic documentation of the Catskill Mountain region’s wildlife (New York) and a monthly wildlife-centric, educational podcast entitled “Gettin’ Wild” on the Woodstock Podcast Network.

Bildergebnis für carla rhodes


Join wildlife photographer Carla Rhodes as she examines the critters who share the world with us. She talks to conservationists, rehabbers and recounts her own tales from the field.

Carla`s website incl. photo galleries and a link to the podcast:

“Marine Iguana” PHOTO DETAILS

Date Taken:Jan 7, 2018
Date Uploaded:Jan 29, 2018
Location:Puerto Villamil, Galapagos, Ecuador
Camera:Canon EOS 70D
Focal Length:531 mm
Shutter Speed:1/1000 sec
Copyright:© Carla Rhodes (Thank you, Carla!)