Insight No. 89: Bicycle Innovations & Trends 2018/2019

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“Springtime = Bicycle Season is coming…!
Are any new gadgets, trends, innovations, upgrades available?

Multifunctional, urban bikes (Muli-Cycles)
Urban Arrow Family e-Bike

1. Trend: Cargo bike and family bicycle

The bicycle can do much more than transport a person from point A to B in an environmentally friendly way. The innovations in the booming cargo bike sector are proof of that. Canadian manufacturer Wike’s Salamander Cycle Stroller offers one especially clever solution: with just a few maneuvers, the $2,500 marvel can transform from a family bicycle into a baby stroller.

German start-up Muli-Cycles’ multifunctional, urban Muli, which can hold up to 154 pounds in a practically collapsible basket, has won several awards. It can easily accommodate a child seat, a case of beer, or a shopping basket. Larger cargo bikes can even transport trash cans, or act as a base station for tradespeople or nursing services. “At least 50 % of transport in the city can be handled in an environmentally friendly way with cargo bikes.

2. Customized bikes

Finding the perfect bike with the right frame size for everyone is a great added value that both stationary and online retailers offer their customers. Offering the innovative technology, for example, is the Smartfit system by the German company Radlabor. Their stationary devices start at a price of 990 euros, plus payments for a software license.

A body scan is used to determine the perfect sitting position and frame size for every body shape. The perfect custom bike can then be selected from a bike database of over 100 brands. The online tool is ideal for e-commerce.

3. Smart Gadgets: Digitalization and Sunglasses with a Rearview Mirror

Digitalization is a megatrend which, naturally, is also palpable in the bicycle industry. Among the latest innovations are helmets networked with navigation devices via Bluetooth, and that can also be used to communicate with other cyclists via intercom. You can also get ongoing information about the tire pressure via smartphone app, thanks American company Quarq’s Tyrewiz sensors (two cost $199), which are easily screwed onto the valve.

A Norwegian start-up is offering another exciting development: a pair of glasses with integrated rearview mirror, named the TriEye glasses. A long overdue invention – you don’t have to turn around while cycling, especially when you have your children with you. After all, you don’t drive your car without a rear-view mirror.

4. Electric Trend conquering the Racing Bike

E-bikes and e-mountain bikes have long since made it into the mainstream. But due to technical innovations and a slimmer design, the electrification trend is now increasingly reaching racing bikes, although opinions are very divided among customers. Major manufacturers like Focus, Pinarello, Cube, and Bianchi have presented racing bikes with the new, removable Fazua motor (just a little over seven pounds including battery!).

Tipp No. 104: “Below The Surface” – Spectacular Underwater Photography by Tobias Friedrich

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When I was a child, I dreamt of becoming a crew member of spaceship “Enterprise” in order to discover new worlds, unknown life forms and different cultures. Actually, I`ve lived this dream by chosing jobs that
allowed myself to travel a lot, to visit exotic places and which is even
more important to meet interesting people of in many aspects different cultures.

Scuba diving has been on my bucket list since childhood because I was
aware of the fact that the oceans are still “terra icognita” although about
71% of the earth`s surface (2/3) is covered with water of which 97,4% is salt-water.
From the very beginning, I had the idea that scuba diving could be the
unique opportunity to experience a kind of “space traveling” without the
need to meet NASA qualification requirements.

Of course, I was also inspired by the reports about Jaques-Yves Cousteau
and his adventureous expeditions when I finally took action and passed my scuba diving PADI open water exam in the Red Sea / Egypt many years ago.
It turned out that my phantasy of “space traveling” underwater was not completely absurd. As a scuba diver rookie, who is dependent on his
equipment and the goodwill of the sea dweller, I felt actually very vulne-rable. There was no doubt, it was me who was the intruder… the alien in this outlandish – almost surreal – water world! 

The spectacular underwater photography of Tobias Friedrichs brought
pre cious memories back…
Back on board after a beautiful dive, I was completely overwhelmed by
all the impressions and my emotions…Secretly and unnoticed a few tears
dropped into the Red Sea.
I didn`t recognize myself anymore because I was convinced to be quite
top-heavy and introverted. 
All this fragile beauty underwater was simply breaking my heart.
I learnt that beauty can be painful. In particular, if it is endangered by
pollution, mass tourism (I was a part of too) and climate change.   
Maybe, it was also a dash of desparation why I experienced this sudden
“crisis of joy”. 

Tobias Friedrich`s touching underwater photography allows us to sneek
a peak  cit.: “Below The Surface”. This motto might be ambiguous in
my case.

However, I` d like to share my fascination with you and invite you to
descent into The 50 Shades of Deep Blue….Enjoy the weightlessness, the flow, hushed sound level and not to forget the encounters with still quite unknown creatures who are often as curious as the human visitor!

Friendly encounter with a brown fur seal (South Africa)
Humpback Whale (Oman)
2 purple eye dwarf gobies, sitting on top of a hard coral near Marsa Alam (Egypt, Red Sea).
Face to face with a shark


"From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is 
bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he
is free."
Jacques-Yves Cousteau (1910 - 1997)

In his childhood Tobias Friedrich loved to watch the adventures of the Calypso with Jacques-Yves Cousteau as its captain and the beauty of the world that is below the ocean’s surface. It’s still an overwhelming feeling for him when he has the chance to dive. He loves the elegancy and calmness of the world under water standing in contrast to the hectic atmosphere above.

Tobias Friedrich lives in Germany and started taking pictures with a DSLR underwater in the year 2007. Since then his images have been published in prestigious scuba diving magazines and newspapers around the world.

Several underwater photographic competitions, have honoured his work, resulting in over 50 awards with nearly 30 1st places.

Lately, he has been named “Underwater Photographer of the Year 2018” in the prestigious UPY London competition.

The UPY 2018 awarded photo: A panoramic view of the cargo deck inside the SS Thistlegorm with the motorcycles in the middle and light to lighten the trucks on the side of the cargo deck, near Sharm el Sheikh, Northern Red Sea, Egypt.

All waters, from zero to 30° Celsius, are attractive for him, at least there is something to photograph.

Tobias`fine arts photography is not staged. His photography is rather a result of stamina, patience and opportunity. He is not working with photomontages. The panorama view – combining a view above and under the ocean surface – is achieved by utilizing a dome camera.
He is SEACAM equipment for his Canon EOS 1DX Mark II and 5D Mark II DSLR.

He is leading expeditions and workshops around the world, where everybody can join.

Please, feel free to visit his website that shows further amazing underwater photo galleries, panorama views, beautiful aerial views (highly recommended!) and a few offerings like:

  • Underwater photography BOOKS in German and English language,
  • His calendar “BELOW SURFACE 2019″
  • A collection of high-quality POSTCARDS with unique motifs
  • His schedule of awesome PHOTOWORKSHOPS 2019 (Destinations: Egypt, Bali, Philippines, Brother Islands) – simply click on “JOIN”.


The Calendar 2019 by Tobias Friedrichs

Strong Women No. 6: “Kathrine Switzer” – First Woman to run the Boston Marathon (1967)

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Kathrine Switzer, who became the first woman to run the Boston Marathon in 1967. During the race, one of the organizers tried to forcibly remove her dorsal so she couldn’t compete anymore, but her companions stood up for her.

Postcard No. 16: “DUISBURG” – Another Recycled Gasometer = Europe`s Biggest & Most Spectacular Indoor Scuba Diving Centre!

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Hello to all travelers – and in particular scuba diving enthusiasts!

After visiting the Gasometer in Oberhausen, I would like to send you further greetings from the Ruhr area. Let`s make a stopover in Duisburg!

 The City of Duisburg transformed its industrial smelter heritage into a huge recreation park called the “Landscape Park” in Duisburg North. The spectacular highlight of this park is the Gasometer, which serves  as indoor scuba diving centre today. In fact, it is Europe´s biggest leisure but also training scuba diving centre (for professionals like police, military, fire fighters, industrial scuba divers, instructors, special forces etc.).

The diameter of the Gasometer is 45 m and the depth 13 m. The Gasometer contains 21 mio litres sweet water with a varying temperature of 7°C in wintertime and about 26°C in summertime. The visual range can be 25 metres. 

There is a diving school that offers classes for beginners and experienced divers as well as trial lessons and “adventure diving lessons”. Of course, you can rent scuba diving equipement. Additionally, a repair shop offers support. Changing rooms and hot showers are available too.

Diving in an industrial facility is an amazing experience itself. The Gasometer Duisburg North is even topping this unique experience. The Gasometer namely gives home to wrecks of all kind of vehicles, such as different aircraft, various cars, boats & ships, industrial equipement / structures etc.  Scuba diving excursions in the Gasometer are thrilling and sometimes even a bit spooky… You shouldn`t miss this exclusive adventure!


The “Landscape Park Duisburg” offers gardens, cycling opportunities, outdoor climbing facilities, restaurants & “Biergarten” (beer garden), furnace 5 as viewing platform, concerts and more attractions. During night the industrial complex is enlighted. The very atmosperic industrial leisure park is also very popular among photographers.

As you can see, the Ruhr area – the former centre of Germany`s heavy industry & mining – successfully underwent a makeover and is worth a visit. WELCOME!

Postcard No. 2: Sylt – The Queen of the North Sea

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Most people abroad think Germany is all about Bavaria, Alpes, Castles and Oktoberfest…That`s a pity because Germany is much more versatile.

Look at the North Frisian Island “SYLT” in the very North of Germany close to the Danish border for instance.

The island is well-known for its unique shape and its 40-km-long (25-mile) sandy beach that has a number of surf schools and also a nude section.

Sylt is also popular for second home owners, and many German celebrities who own vacation homes on “the island”. Thus, many of the wonderful, traditional Frisian-style houses with thatched roofs are owned by wealthy people now.



Sylt is frequently covered by the media in connection with its exposed situation in the North Sea and its ongoing loss of land during storm tides. Since 1927, Sylt has been connected to the mainland by the Hindenburgdamm causeway (today with a railway line on top).

Thanks to this Hindenburgdamm, the entire Island was turned into a Fortress during WWII. below the beautiful dunes at the shore, you can still find a few hidden bunkers.

In the past, the wealth of Sylt was dependent on fishing, whaling and oyster breeding. Today, Sylt and its healthy climate is a popular, sophisticated tourist destination for visitors with a more generuous holiday budget.

Sylt is an atrractive windsurfing & kite-surfing destination. The international Windsurf World Cup Sylt, established in 1984, is annually held at Westerland’s beach front.
Sailing, beach volleyball, horseback riding and golfing are also very popular.
Furthermore, the Island offers a wide range of Wellness & Spa packages.
Frequently, there is the opportunity to attend concerts, readings, arts seminars and exhibitions.
The visitors are also invited to make a trip to the seal sandbanks or to join a guided tour through the intertidal mudflat.

Of course, Sylt is famous for ist seafood (Lobster & oysters) but offers also all kind of alternative cuisines. The Island gives home to a number of high-class restaurants.

The Must-See on Sylt is the “Sansibar” Restaurant & Party Location (with an excellent cuisine) in the dunes that includes a fashion, souvenir & gift, wine shop – and runs also an online shop today.





Sylt is definetely worth a trip. Even in the high Season, you will find “your beach”. Except of Westerland (Capitol City) you won`t find many “construction sins” (ugly new Buildings). Sylt never supported mass tourism. This attitude might be snobbish but admittedly has got ist positive side effects…

Sylt offers relaxed life quality in all facettes.

Insight No. 32: “PRO-EMOTION”, Funny Cornflakes Protest-Campaign -Lustige “Cornflakes Protestkampagne”

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Weil der DFB Ermittlungen gegen FCK-Profi Jan Löhmannsröben (siehe Photo, oben) führt, haben Fußball-Fans aus ganz Deutschland an einer Protestaktion teilgenommen.

„Der Schiedsrichter soll Cornflakes zählen gehen.“ Mit dieser Aussage machte Jan Löhmannsröben, Profi beim 1. FC Kaiserslautern in der dritten Fußball-Bundesliga, seinem Unmut nach dem 1:1 gegen den FSV Zwickau Luft.

Vorangegangen war ein strittiger Elfmeter für die Sachsen in der Nachspielzeit, bei dem Löhmannsröben den Ball zwar mit der Hand gespielt hatte, davor aber selbst mit dem Ellbogen getroffen wurde.

Weil kurz darauf der Kontrollausschuss des Deutschen Fußball-Bundes (DFB) begonnen hatte, gegen den Mittelfeldspieler wegen dieser verbalen Entgleisungen zu ermitteln, rief ein FCK-Anhänger Peter Hammerschmidt in den sozialen Medien zu einer kreativen Protestaktion auf. Man solle den DFB Cornflakes zählen lassen.

Getreu dem Motto “In den Farben getrennt, in der Sache vereint”, schlossen sich mittlerweile nicht nur Anhänger der Roten Teufel, sondern Fußballfans aus ganz Deutschland der Protestaktion an. Zahlreiche Fußball-Fans sendeten dem Aufruf folgend Cornflakes wie vorgeschlagen zu Händen von Herrn Grindel (DFB Präsident) die DFB-Zentrale in Frankfurt.

Etwa 4000 Packungen Cornflakes sollen so bis heute Mittag schon zusammengekommen sein, wahrscheinlich sind noch weitere unterwegs.


Dem DFB droht jetzt der Cornflakes Kollaps. Der Verband hat bis dato jedoch keine Stellung zur Sache bezogen, hat aber angekündigt, dass die Cornflakes an die Tafeln in Frankfurt am Main weitergeleitet werden.

Die Pro-Emotion Kampagne kritisiert u.a. die Kommerzialisierung des Fußballs, der immer leidenschafts- und emotionsloser würde. Der deutsche Fußball bräuchte mehr genau solcher Typen, Identifikationsfiguren und starken Persönlichkeiten, die auch einmal Tacheles redeten, ohne von PR Beratern vorher gebrieft und glatt gebügelt zu sein. Natürlich dürfte die strafrechtlichen Grenzen der Ehrverletzung und Beleidigung hierbei nicht überschritten werden.

Bezeichnenderweise war nur Wochen zuvor die  deutsche Nationalmannschaft wegen ihres schlechten Abschneidens bei der Fußball WM in Moskau kritisiert worden. Insbesondere wurde ihnen ein Mangel an Engagement, Motivation und Leidenschaft attestiert worden.

Fragt sich also, warum der DFB – ein Club von alten, fetten Funktionären & Stammtisch-brüdern – überhaupt ein Verfahren gegen den auch in seinem Zorn durchaus noch sympathisch auftretenden Spieler eingeleitet hat?  Es gibt weitaus größere Skandale & Probleme im deutschen Fußball, die wohl einfach ausgesessen werden sollen.

Hier geht es offensichtlich darum, dass Autorität nicht in Frage gestellt werden darf. Nicht was Schiedsrichter anbelangt, noch andere Offizielle, wie die DFB Vertreter. Es scheint um das Prinzip zu gehen. Machtapparate sind halt stets sich selbst erhaltende Systeme.

So viel Cornflakes kann man gar nicht essen, wie man kotzen möchte….

Ja, lasst uns Cornflakes an Herrn Grindel in Frankfurt schicken …und Müsli an die FIFA in Zürich!!!


Translation – English Summary

The German soccer player FCK-Professional Jan Löhmannsröben gave vent to his Feelings in an interview after a game between FC Kaiserslautern and FV Zwickau that ended with a controversial penalty kick in favor of Zwickau.

Jan Löhmannsröben critisized the referee, as follows: The Penalty kick was barefacedness! He shall have a sleepness night to think of his failure. The Referee should better work in the Kreisliga (= a downgrade) and ….


Now, Jan Löhmannsröben has to face legal consequences. The German Soccer Association (DFB) in Frankfurt has opened a disciplinary enquiry against the Player because of his emotional words.

“Separated in colours (of the different clubs), but unified in the matter of subject” ( = German Sports proverb) many fans across Germany followed the call of Peter Hammerschmidt (FKC- Fan) and joined his spontaneously organized social media protest campaign “Pro-Emotion” and send Cornflakes to the DFB Headquarters (attention to: Mr. Grindel / President of the DFB) in Frankfurt.


About 4000 packages of Cornflakes were sent to the DFB till noon of today. More deliveries are expected.

There is no DFB statement published yet. But it was announced to Forward the Cornflakes to Food Banks (Die Tafeln) in Frankfurt that support low-income, needy people.

Interestingly, the German national Soccer Team was heavily critisized for their embarassing non-performance due to a lack of passion, commitment and motivation at the world championship 2018 in Moscow just a couple of weeks ago.

Professional Soccer Players are just mercenaries without loyalty and proud of being a part of the national team was said. The Players have no Passion, are boring and regard themself just as mere “Ich AGs” ( = Me Corporations).

The Pro-Emotion Campaign highlights that the German Soccer needs more strong personlities and outgoing characters, who are able to motivate their team and attract fans instead of being polished by PR consultants.

Therefore, why does Jan L. has to face a disciplinary enquiry because of a simple interview that showed his high motivation & passion? There are other scandals and issues at the DFB to be dealt with.

In my view, the DFB – a group of  old, fat regulars, Moneymakers and functionaries – are simply trying to outline their postulation that authorities have to be respected (and not critisized), may it be a referee or which is more important, the DFB itself. Hierarchical power systems are used to maintain themself.


Yeaph, let us send Cornflakes to Mr. Grindel in Frankfurt …and Muesli to the FIFA (the International Soccer Association) in Zurich!!!!

Insight No. 29: Unser Unterbewusstsein – ein mieser Verräter & Saboteur

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Ich hatte gerade einen Gedankenaustausch zum Thema: Unterbewusstsein. Da ich an chronischer verbaler Inkontinenz in Wort & Schrift leide und somit die Kommentar-funktion mitunter malträtiere, mache ich doch einfach einen kleinen Blog-Beitrag daraus.

Die Hypothese lautete, das Unterbewusstsein entstünde durch die Fokussierung von Gedanken & Ideen, die sich dann so tief in das Bewusstsein eingraben, dass sie quasi unterbewusst werden – d.h. einen Automatismus entwickeln. Fortwährend positives Denken und die Steuerung unserer Gefühle würde somit zu einer Umprogrammierung führen können. Des Weiteren wurde eine Brücke zum Marketing, welches unsere Emotionen anspricht, geschlagen.

Hier meine Antwort (inkl. Grafik, s.o.):

Mmmh, …Ich habe gelernt, dass es in der Psychologie Kausalketten gibt, an welche übrigens auch alle Therapieformen ansetzen. Verinnerlichte Glaubenssätze und Gedankenmuster lösen Gefühle aus, die wiederum ursächlich für bestimmte Verhaltensmuster sind. Einfaches Beispiel: Ich bin nicht liebenswert (Glaubenssatz) – mein Gegenüber kann mich gar nicht lieben und ich werde sicherlich zurückgewiesen (Denkmuster) – ich ziehe mich zurück oder schubse den anderen weg (Verhaltensmuster), so dass dieser dann das Interesse verliert…und ich in meinem Glaubenssatz auch noch bestätigt werde. Ein häufig unbewusster Teufelskreis. Da hilft dann nur Selbst-Beobachtung, -Analyse und -Reflektion. Auch hierbei kann das Unterbewusstsein uns sabotieren. Kennt es doch all unsere Schwächen & Tricks am besten. Bei entsprechenden Leidensdruck kann dann ein neutraler Supervisor helfen – d.h. ein Coach oder eben e…in Therapeut.

Positives Denken alleine wird also nicht ausreichen. Und der Versuch, seine Gefühle unter Kontrolle zu halten, hat zumindest langfristig keine großen Erfolgsaussichten.

Mit diesen Kausalketten und Mechanismen arbeitet natürlich Marketing & Sales Leute und übrigens auch Produktentwickler. “Neuromarketing” sage ich nur….Konnte man beim US Amerikanischen Wahlkampf mit Unterstützung von Cambridge Analytica beobachten. Entgegen der konventionellen Marktsegmentierung (Alter, Geografie, Kaufkraft etc.) hat man Psychoprofile erstellt (OCEAN Strategie) und mit sog. Micro-Targeting gearbeitet. Das heisst man hat 2 Wo. vor der Wahl gezielt Unentschlossene mit maßgeschneiderten (Fake)Infos & emotionalen Appellen bearbeitet.

Beispiel: Die Kriminalität steigt stetig (Denken). Auslösen bzw. Verstärken von Angst vor Einbrüchen (mit Hilfe von emotionalen Bildern eines Einbruches). Privater Waffenbesitz ist hilfreich und gut (Ansprache des Autonomie-/ Kontroll-/ Sicherheitsbedürfnisses). Darum geh zur Wahl, wähle die Republikaner…denn dann kannst Du deine Waffen behalten…Wir stehen für die Sicherheit deiner Familie & deines Eigentums. Übrigens, Cambridge Analytica hat auch maßgeblich beim BREXIT Referendum mitgewirkt….

Auch Facebook arbeitet mit Hirnchemie – genauso wie WordPress und andere social media (Sales) Kanäle. Wenn man “likes” einsammelt oder Follower generiert, wird nämlich das Belohnungszentrum im Hirn stimuliert und Dopamin ausgeschüttet. Das macht erwiesenermaßen auf die Dauer süchtig. Mit diesen um vieles verfeinerten Methoden arbeiten auch die Lebensmittelchemiker…kein Wunder, dass man nicht aufhören kann beim Kartoffelchips futtern. Das ist so gewollt. 666…

An dieser Stelle sei mir erlaubt, kurz auf meinen Blog-Beitrag zum Thema: Süßstoff (Artificial Sweeteners) zu verweisen…Das Zeug ist ursprünglich ein Schweinemastmittel!

bedürfnisseIm Marketing verspricht man die Erfüllung oder vielmehr ein Weniger: Die Linderung (denn man will ja Wiederholungskäufe!) der sog. ECHTEN Bedürfnisse durch Konsum. 

Die Oberkategorien der Echten Bedürfnisse siehe Bild links.


Beispiel: Ich bin einsam – also biete ich eine Gruppenzugehörigkeitsgefühl – eine Social Community – Pinkan. Ich fühle mich ungeliebt, also gibt es online mein und sein Müsli mit persönlicher Unterschrift des Abfüllers, Zitat: “mit viel Liebe”. Ganz besonders defizitär und labil gelten wohl Teetrinker. Schaut Euch einmal die Teesortimente an…Detox (Entgiften für belastete Seelen), innerer Stärke, Balance, Harmonie (bei Krach in Familie & Beruf) etc., so heißen die Teesorten heutzutage. Marmelade heißt “Glück”, Duschgel “Power Booster” (Ohnmachtsgefühle?) oder “Pink Passion” (Flaute im Bett?)…Die Liste der leeren Versprechen ist endlos. Da hilft dann nur ein inflationärer Einsatz von Pastellfarben für die Möchtegern-Prinzessin in uns, damit die Welt gleich freundlicher aussieht. Für pinke & pastellene Produkte bezahlen wir dann übrigens im Schnitt 25-40% mehr, als die Herren für gleiche Produkte in schwarz und blau.

Unser Unterbewusstsein beruht im übrigen auch auf Hirnstoffwechselvorgängen. Es kann also mit Chemie von intern (körpereigene Hormone , die bei Sex, Kuschelhaustier, Sport, Musikhören, Shopping, likes-Sammeln, Autorasen, Achterbahnfahren etc. freigesetzt wer-den) und extern durch Medikamente (Antidepressiva, Neuroleptika, Sedativa und andere legale Drogen) beeinflusst werden. Oder man greift halt auf illegale Drogen zurück, die im Grunde genommen mit genau denselben Stoffen wie die Medikamente arbeiten, nur in höher Dosierung und schnellerer, abrupter Wirksamkeit. Sie sind sozusagen super-hochpotent. 

Iss nix mit freien Willen und bewussten Denken & Handeln, fürchte ich.

Tipp No. 14: German Design Award Winner 2018 – The II

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The II manages to improve almost every feature of its predecessor. Besides the new design and functionality, it also reduces production effort and use of energy consuming materials like aluminium and steel.

The smart but honest design combines the following features: patented self-tightening belt system, durable materials, reduced weight, improved usability, convenient soft handles, easy maneuvering, quick and safe bike packing.

Statement of the jury: “The bike box II is light, rugged and packages the bike safely into a compact and easily transportable dimensions. A beautiful product equipped with a range of discrete features.”
The German Design Award directly contributes to the overall commercial success. Prizes will only be awarded to projects that truly represent pioneering contributions to the German and international design landscape. The highly esteemed, international jury guarantees this.

The German Design Award identifies and presents unique design trends: a competition that advances the design-oriented scene.