Poem No. 57: “Winter” by Friedrich Rückert (Germany 1788 – 1866)

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Sind ein Paar kalter
Freunde Winter und Alter:
Winter schröpfend,
Alter erschöpfend;
Winter zwackend,
Alter plackend;
Winter pustend,
Alter hustend;
Winter geht,
Alter steht:
Gerne wär' ich der beiden quitt,
nähme Winter das Alter mit.
is a couple of cold
friends winter and age:
winter soaking,
age exhausting;
winter pinching,
age plagueing;
winter blowing,
age coughing;
winter leaves,
I`d be pleased to become even  with both of them,
would winter take age with him. 

Poem No. 56: “It is raining – Es regnet” by Ada Negri (1870 – 1945, Italy)

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It’s Raining

It’s only been raining for an hour,
but the child thinks that it has
been raining for a long long time,
above the big city.
It rains on the roofs and the walls,
it rains on the long avenue,
it rains on the dark trees
with a sad repetitive rhythm;
it rains; and you hear the roar
coming from the windows,
that pour slow tears
like sullen girls.
It rains; and down there in the street
and in every house,
the intimate melancholy
of the falling rain
takes over.

Es regnet

Es regnet erst seit einer Stunde
aber das Kind denkt, es habe bereits
seit langer Zeit geregnet,
über der großen Stadt.
Es regnet auf die Dächer und die Mauern,
es regnet auf die lange Allee,
es regnet auf die dunklen Bäume
in einem traurigen, sich wiederholenden Rhythmus;
es regnet;  und du hörst das Gebraus
das von den Fenstern kommt,
die langsame Tränen ergießen
wie mißlaunige Mädchen.
Es regnet; und dort unten in der Strasse
und in jedem Haus,
die vertraute Melancholie 
des fallenden Regens.

Poem No. 55: “Midwinter” (Wintersonnenwende) by Tomas Tranströmer (Nobel Prize Winner of Literature 2011, Sweden)

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cracked ice


A blue sheen
radiates from my clothes.
Jangling tambourines of ice.
I close my eyes.
There is a soundless world
there is a crack
where dead people
are smuggled across the border.


Ein blauer Glanz
strahlt von meinen Kleidern.
Klirrende Tambourins aus Eis
Ich schließe meine Augen.
Da ist eine geräuschlose Welt
da ist eine Riss
wo tote Menschen
über die Grenze geschmuggelt werden.

Tomas Tranströmer (1931 – 2015)

Poem No. 54: “What Hands Remember” by Johanna Ekström (Sweden)

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“Hands” – David Hollander

What Hands Remember

arms at sides
appear as if they are waiting

the large words
sleep under

a hard candy is sucked
till slivered
glass words like
splinters under fingernails

Who has died of love?

In the coffin lining all the children sleep
mouth and eye wiped dry
their mouths are not where mouths should be
don’t see what they should see
Who isn’t convinced of their own harm?

These empty hands flare
birthmarks burned away

Hands fall as tulip leaves
sweep away the face’s features

Hands jolt in sleep
remembering their loneliness

She lays a blossom over the children
covers them with the palm of her hand

No one has died of love
There is a storm like I have never felt.

Poem No. 53: “Without Skill But With Strength – Ohne Können aber mit Stärke” by Johanna Ekström (Sweden)

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Without Skill But With Strength

Without skill but with strength
you lifted me out of my grief—
Utterly calm
as one who knew
that to snatch a thing up
allows little bits
to drop away

Ohne Können aber mit Stärke

Ohne Können aber mit Stärke
hast du mich aus meiner Trauer gehoben -
Vollkommen ruhig
wie jemand der wusste
dass etwas zusammenzuraffen
es erlaubt kleine Stückchen
fallen zu lassen.

Poem No. 47: “This Is Love” by Jaques Prevert

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Bildergebnis für holding hands

This Love

This love
So violent
So fragile
So tender
So hopeless
This love
As beautiful as the day
And as wretched as the weather
When the weather is wretched

This love 
So real
This love
So beautiful
So happy
So joyous
And so ridiculous
Trembling with fear 
Like a child in the dark
And so sure of itself
Like a tranquil man in the quiet of the night
This love 
Which made others afraid
Which made them gossip
Which drained the colour from their cheeks
This love 
Watched for
Because we watched for them
Snared, wounded, trampled, finished, denied, forgotten
Because we snared, wounded, trampled, finished, denied, forgot it

This love
Still so alive
This is yours
This is mine
This love 
Which is always new
And which never changes
Real like a plant
Quivering like a bird
Warm and as alive as the summer
We can both
Go and come back
We can forget
And fall asleep
And wake up 
To suffer old age
Fall asleep again
To dream to death
To smile and laugh
Young again
Our love endures
Obstinate as a mule
As alive as the desire
As cruel as the memory
As stupid as the regret
As tender as the memory
As cold as marble
As beautiful as the day
As delicate as an infant
It watches us 
And speaks to us 
Without saying a word
And I 
I listen to it 
And I cry
I cry for you
I cry for myself
And I beg you
For yourself 
For me 
And for all those who love
And who are loved
I cry to it
For you 
For me 
And for all the others
I do not know
Stay there
There where you are
There where you were before
Stay there
Don’t move
Don’t go away
We who are loved
We have forgotten you
Do not forget us
We had only you on this earth
Do not let us grow cold
Further and further away every day
It doesn’t matter where
Give us a sign of life
In a nook in the woods
In the forest of memory
Suddenly arise
Take us by the hand
And save us