Tipp No. 136: “Wellness & Boredom Busters for Urban Chickens” – a few ideas for your coop.

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…maybe, they will share further ideas with you how to upgrade their coop and enjoy life…together with you.

But they shouldn`t talk to strangers…

Keep the gate closed.
Regardless what the chickens say!

Tipp No. 138: “Bee Happy!” – Wake Up Call by Awesome Bee Graffitis

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It is pretty certain that bees are not dying from GMOs, cellphones, ultraviolet lights, electromagnetic radiation, or aliens, all of which have been blamed at one point or another. There is no single cause, according to most scientists who have studied the problem, but rather a combination of factors that include parasites, pathogens, pesticides, poor nutrition, and habitat loss. One of the greatest threats to honeybees is industrial agriculture’s widespread use of pesticides.


For further details, feel free to visit:


Protect their habitats, do not use pesticides, support insect friendly gardening, buy organic honey only …

Insight No. 95: Breakingthrough Technologies – “Cow-Free Burgers and Lab-grown Steaks”

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No, this is unfortunately no lab-grown steak…disappointed? …Me too.

Livestock production causes catastrophic deforestation, water pollution, and greenhouse-gas emissions. Is there an alternative meat production that won’t make us do without?

Both lab-grown and plant-based alternatives approximate the taste and nutritional value of real meat without the environmental devastation.

The UN expects the world to have 9.8 billion people by 2050. And those people are getting richer. Neither trend bodes well for climate change—especially because as people escape poverty, they tend to eat more meat.

By that date, according to the predictions, humans will consume 70% more meat than they did in 2005. And it turns out that raising animals for human consumption is among the worst things we do to the environment.

Depending on the animal, producing a pound of meat protein with Western industrialized methods requires 4 to 25 times more water, 6 to 17 times more land, and 6 to 20 times more fossil fuels than producing a pound of plant protein.

The problem is that people aren’t likely to stop eating meat anytime soon. Which means lab-grown and plant-based alternatives might be the best way to limit the destruction.

Making lab-grown meat involves extracting muscle tissue from animals and growing it in bioreactors. The end product looks much like what you’d get from an animal, although researchers are still working on the taste. Researchers at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, who are working to produce lab-grown meat at scale, believe they’ll have a lab-grown burger available by next year. One drawback of lab-grown meat is that the environmental benefits are still sketchy at best—a recent World Economic Forum report says the emissions from lab-grown meat would be only around 7% less than emissions from beef production.

The better environmental case can be made for plant-based meats from companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods (Bill Gates is an investor in both companies), which use pea proteins, soy, wheat, potatoes, and plant oils to mimic the texture and taste of animal meat.

Beyond Meat has a new 26,000-square-foot (2,400 sqm) plant in California and has already sold upwards of 25 million burgers from 30,000 stores and restaurants. According to an analysis by the Center for Sustainable Systems at the University of Michigan, a Beyond Meat patty would probably generate 90% less in greenhouse-gas emissions than a conventional burger made from a cow.

Tipp No. 139: “Bärenstark – Strong As A Bear” by the Cartoonist & Illustrator Steffen Butz (Germany)

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Could you follow
your low, animal (brute) instincts
at least once week?!
She: If the bee extinction continues like that,
there will be no honey in the future anymore.
He: Well, we will eat just the beekeepers.
Damn, Hubert! We `ve got a caver in our toilet again!
Strange that there are always parts left over…
You will get better…, don`t worry.
Darling, I’ve found a personal trainer for us.
Finally, I got an unpleasant feeling when he told me, he is an emotional / stress eater with a fear of flying.
Yes! Scratch me, bite me, give me animal names!
The self-made baby changing table was really nice.

About The Cartoonist & Illustrator Steffen Butz…

Shared No. 102: “My Life With Gracie…Seasons Of Friendship” — by My Life With Gracie (John Spiers)

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We are awaiting John`s first book impatiently….

“What are you doing?” asked Gracie. “I’m making some pencil sketches of you and the others.” “Why would you do that?” “So I won’t forget any of you.” “You aren’t forgetful. You always remember to feed us.” “Well, sometimes people forget even though they don’t want to forget especially when they get old. So I […]

My Life With Gracie…Seasons Of Friendship — My Life With Gracie


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Tipp No. 135: “Letters of Melody” Poster Art by Graphic Designer Mehdi Saeedi (Iran, now: USA)

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Mehdi Saeedi


From Contour To Typography to Shape

Mehdi Saeedi (Persian: مهدی سعیدی‎ was born in Tehran), is an Iranian born artist and designer based in Philadelphia and he is a part-time faculty of graphic design at the Towson University in Maryland, United States. His aesthetics have become a mainstay of design in many regions, especially in those using the Arabic and Iranian scripts as their alphabet.

His special focus and proficiency in typography and calligraphy leads him to be recognized as the first designer who employed shaping of letters in forms and shapes (Zoomorphism) in graphic design. Moreover, in another part of his works, he tries to use the principles of calligraphy in type design. Accordingly, Mehdi determined and founded “Letters Melody” course and teaches in Iran’s Universities as well as holding some international workshops in other countries to make people with different language background familiar with the beauty of letters in art and graphic design.

In 2013, he also founded First International Exhibition of Type Design, as part of Silver Cypress. biennial, a competition that devoted to Persian type design for the first time.

In consideration of Mehdi Saeedi’s artworks, a large number of them have been selected for exhibition in many prominent museums, collections, major domestic and international exhibitions worldwide. They have also been published in several reputable international magazines.

Mehdi won several prestigious and well-grounded awards both locally and internationally resulting in becoming known as the most awarded Iranian graphic designer in Iran’s graphic history. Among which are: Grand prize, Taiwan International Poster Design Award, Taiwan, 2007; Grand Prize, “Five Stars Designers’ Banquet”, International Invitational Poster Triennial of Osaka, Japan, 2009; Top Award, 15th International Invitational Poster, Colorado, United States, 2007; First Prize, 12th International Poster Triennial, Ekoplagat ́11, Slovakia, 2011 and Gold Medal in “Graphis poster annual 2013”, USA etc.

There are additionally several publications of Mehdi Saeedi’s collection as well as the selection of artworks that the recent one of those in 2013 was published with the title of “From Contour to Calligraphy” in 384 pages. Furthermore, he is included among 30 designers in Second edition of “New Masters of Poster Design” that features the best poster designers currently working all over the world.

Poem No. 146: “The Horses” by Ted Hughes

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I climbed through woods in the hour-before-dawn dark.
Evil air, a frost-making stillness,

Not a leaf, not a bird-
A world cast in frost. I came out above the wood

Where my breath left tortuous statues in the iron light.
But the valleys were draining the darkness

Till the moorline blackening dregs of the brightening grey
Halved the sky ahead. And I saw the horses:

Huge in the dense grey ten together
Megalith-still. They breathed, making no move,

With draped manes and tilted hind-hooves,
Making no sound.

Tipp No. 133: “Marundes Country Life” by the Illustrator, Cartoonist and Designer Wolf-Rüdiger Marunde (Germany)

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I love Marundes funny cartoons not only because of the cute and charming characters (e.g. a crow as psychotherapist) and odd couples (like the chick & the boar) but also because of the fact that scenarios, landscape, architecture, weather, atmosphere and mentality of the protagonists are absolutely authentic. I gave numerous Marunde books away to my family and friends. It is a pity that they are in German language only. Thus, I utilize this opportunity to translate a few examples of his amazing work and to share Marunde`s humor including an insights into the little universes of Northern German farms.

As already mentioned before, I am a German “North Light”. Looking at Marunde`s narrative, funny cartoons, my heart opens and I feel like diving into my childhood….

Marunde is a sharp but friendly observer with tons of humor and sympathy for country life…

The domestic pig: “I could exercise to get rid of some fat and I could dye my blond bristles black – maybe, he will then fall in love with me…”
The wild boar: “I could shave and eat a lots of food for fattening – maybe, she would then fall in love with me…”
The crow: “You want to break it off with me?! Why??? We love each other after all!!
The rooster: ” I am sorry, Darling. But by no stretch of imagination, I can forgive you that I am not able to fly.”
The “grilled” chick on the wire: ” Yes, feel free to stare at me. Your Elsbeth is back again! I am worn down and frazzled by the Big Freedom (or latitude?) – I am a wreck!
The boar in the truck (writing at the side: insemination service station): “So, finally after-work hours…what`s up, Darling?
The sow: “Thanks god, auntie Martha has opened my eyes ref. your profession- before engagement -today: Erwin, you are a gigolo!!!”
The chickens:
“As chickens, we hate water and rain, you certainly understand this, don`t you? Well, at the fence, there seem to be fat earthworms, could you go over there, please? But very slowly and carefully…”
“You let us know if you feel taken advantage of, okay?”
The farm dog: “Dear staff, for me – as your German shepard dog – it is not only a duty – No! – but also a desire to jointly spend these last hours of the parting year…”
The sheep: “It is all right, boss, you can hide yourself among us as soon as the fireworks will start.”
The book cover: “The Big Eggs-Cooking Book”
The chicken: “Sometimes I have got the feeling that you don`t love me because of mySelf only.”
The sea gull: ” Hopel di tri hö – boarp! Tzsorry, darlin`…”
The sea gull lady: “Breath upon me – You have been on the waste dump again!”
The fox: “There! Did I promise you too much? At this time, he always go to pee – and he is used to leave his gat upstairs…”
The sow looking through the window (Waltraud): “Here they are, Irmi and her Karl, walking arm in arm – enjoying spring! Although the entire village already has declared your marriage dead!”
Irmi: “Basically it is all about the sexual fire, Waltraud. We simply cannot get away from each other…”
Wolf-Rüdiger Marunde


Wolf-Rüdiger Marunde (* 26. Februar 1954 in Hamburg) is a German drawer, graphic designer, illustrator and cartoonist. Marunde is well-known as a representative of a particularly picturesque and scenic category of cartoons.

He grew up in Harksheide / Schleswig-Holstein (close to Hamburg) and succesfully studied visual communications in Hamburg, where he became a Diplome Designer in 1976. Marunde attended also the press illustration class of Marianne Weingärtner. He was very much inspired by French art comics and cartoons created by Ricor, Moebius, Bilal and others (I am a fan of them too!). Marunde frequently worked for many famous German magazines, like the stern, Brigitte, SZ, Hörzu etc. but also for satirical magazines like MAD and pardon. His drawing, cartoons and illustrations were published in calendars, postcards and different series of very beautiful books called “Marundes Country Life” or “News from Pig-Residency” (= Schweinehausen), “Schweinehausen private”, “The Little Animal Lover” and more.

Marunde won several caricature awards and showed his art works in > 40 exhibitions. It is great that Marunde also exhibits in small art clubs and regional museems in the province.

His stories and cartoon characters came to life in animated movies based on Stop-Motion Techniques that were produced and broadcasted in the Northern German TV channel NRD.

Tragically, his atelier in Schleswig-Holstein was completely destroyed by a fire in 1985. All his art work was lost. In 1988, he and his family restarted again in Nether Saxony.

In my opinion, he and his work is a hidden gem…at least from an international perspective.

For more details and a series of examples of his art work and publications, an event calendar and e-shop, please visit his attractive website: