Shared No. 110: First e-Book “Seasons Of Friendship” — by the illustrator & author John Spiers (Blog: My Life With Gracie)

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Heart-warming wisdom and charming dialogues between Gracie and her feathered sisters and their loving human father John Spiers …

“Seasons of Friendship” is the very first book with beautifully illustrated stories from John`s tiny urban coop.
The perfect giveaway to express your appreciation not only to your friends but also to others who might become your friends soon…
And do not forget to be your own best friend too!

All royalties from the first publication “Seasons Of Friendship” until the end of the year will be given to the women’s group at St. John’s Church in Portsmouth / USA, as agreed with John`s big-hearted Buff Orpington hens Gracie and Bessie.

For more details about the e-book “Seasons of Friendship” (Barnes & Noble), cuteness & kindness overload and food for thoughts, feel free to visit John Spiers Blog: “My Life With Gracie”

You can learn a lot from a chicken, especially when it’s a chicken like Gracie! Timid and shy, Gracie stayed mostly to herself and away from the other young chicks. Without her best friend, Bessie, she may never have survived those difficult first weeks. The stories in this collection take place over a single year […]

“Seasons Of Friendship” — My Life With Gracie
Group Portrait of John`s chicken family
including fluffy Blanche (middle row, left side), who unfortunately passed away Eastern.
We will miss you!
Amelia & Bessie

Insight No. 58: From Vandalism via Arts to Political Statement – Graffiti in Italy

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Graffiti has been known in Italy since the ancient Romans, who decorated the walls of Pompeii and the catacomb with declarations of love, curses and magic spells. In fact the word ‘Graffiti’ derives from the Italian word ‘graffiare’ meaning to scratch something into a surface, and people in Italy still write their passions on the walls.

Though lately – it seems to me – subject matters have changed from ‘Ti amo’ and ‘Forza La Juve’ to political statements. Could be, that  graffiti in Italy has gone from personal to political in order to reflect the current economic crisis and migrants crisis.

Shared No. 125: “Used Book Simulation” — by Travel Between The Pages

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Tipp No. 133: “Marundes Country Life” by the Illustrator, Cartoonist and Designer Wolf-Rüdiger Marunde (Germany)

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I love Marundes funny cartoons not only because of the cute and charming characters (e.g. a crow as psychotherapist) and odd couples (like the chick & the boar) but also because of the fact that scenarios, landscape, architecture, weather, atmosphere and mentality of the protagonists are absolutely authentic. I gave numerous Marunde books away to my family and friends. It is a pity that they are in German language only. Thus, I utilize this opportunity to translate a few examples of his amazing work and to share Marunde`s humor including an insights into the little universes of Northern German farms.

As already mentioned before, I am a German “North Light”. Looking at Marunde`s narrative, funny cartoons, my heart opens and I feel like diving into my childhood….

Marunde is a sharp but friendly observer with tons of humor and sympathy for country life and all creatures you can find…

The domestic pig: “I could exercise to get rid of some fat and I could dye my blond bristles black – maybe, he will then fall in love with me…”
The wild boar: “I could shave and eat a lots of food for fattening – maybe, she would then fall in love with me…”
The crow: “You want to break it off with me?! Why??? We love each other after all!!
The rooster: ” I am sorry, Darling. But by no stretch of imagination, I can forgive you that I am not able to fly.”
The “grilled” chick on the wire: ” Yes, feel free to stare at me. Your Elsbeth is back again! I am worn down and frazzled by the Big Freedom (or latitude?) – I am a wreck!
The boar in the truck (writing at the side of the truck: insemination service station): “So, finally after-work hours…what`s up, Darling?
The sow: “Thanks god, auntie Martha has opened my eyes ref. your profession- before engagement -today: Erwin, you are a gigolo!!!”
The chick to the horse:
“As chickens, we hate water and rain, you certainly understand this, don`t you? Well, at the fence, there seem to be fat earthworms, could you go over there, please? But very slowly and carefully…”
“You let us know if you feel taken advantage of, okay?”
The farm dog: “Dear staff, for me – as your German shepard dog – it is not only a duty – No! – but also a desire to jointly spend these last hours of the parting year…”
The sheep: “It is all right, boss, you can hide yourself among us as soon as the fireworks will start.”
The book cover: “The Big Eggs-Cooking Book”
The chicken: “Sometimes I have got the feeling that you don`t love me because of mySelf only.”
The sea gull: ” Hopel di tri hö – boarp! Tzsorry, darlin`…”
The sea gull lady: “Breath upon me – You have been on the waste dump again!”
The fox: “There! Did I promise you too much? At this time, he always go to pee – and he is used to leave his gat upstairs…”
The sow “Waltraud” looking through the window: “Here they are, Irmi and her Karl, walking arm in arm – enjoying spring! Although the entire village already has declared your marriage dead!”
Irmi passing by with Karl: “Basically it is all about the sexual fire, Waltraud. We simply cannot get away from each other…”
Wolf-Rüdiger Marunde


Wolf-Rüdiger Marunde (* 26. Februar 1954 in Hamburg) is a German drawer, graphic designer, illustrator and cartoonist. Marunde is well-known as a representative of a particularly picturesque and scenic category of cartoons.

He grew up in Harksheide / Schleswig-Holstein (close to Hamburg) and succesfully studied visual communications in Hamburg, where he became a Diplome Designer in 1976. Marunde attended also the press illustration class of Marianne Weingärtner. He was very much inspired by French art comics and cartoons created by Ricor, Moebius, Bilal and others (I am a fan of them too!). Marunde frequently worked for many famous German magazines, like the stern, Brigitte, SZ, Hörzu etc. but also for satirical magazines like MAD and pardon. His drawing, cartoons and illustrations were published in calendars, postcards and different series of very beautiful books called “Marundes Country Life” or “News from Pig-Residency” (= Schweinehausen), “Schweinehausen private”, “The Little Animal Lover” and more.

Marunde won several caricature awards and showed his art works in > 40 exhibitions. It is great that Marunde also exhibits in small art clubs and regional museems in the province.

His stories and cartoon characters came to life in animated movies based on Stop-Motion Techniques that were produced and broadcasted in the Northern German TV channel NRD.

Tragically, his atelier in Schleswig-Holstein was completely destroyed by a fire in 1985. All his art work was lost. In 1988, he and his family restarted again in Nether Saxony.

In my opinion, he and his work is a hidden gem…at least from an international perspective.

For more details and a series of examples of his art work and publications, an event calendar and e-shop, please visit his attractive website:

Shared No. 117: “Family Photo Friday!” — by John Spiers (Blog: My Life With Gracie”)

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Last Saturday, I set up what you might call “The Smallest Book Promotion Booth In The World” at out church’s annual Flower Festival. (All royalties from the book until December 31st of this year will go to support the mission of St. John’s Church.) The little wooden stepladder was the one my chickens used when […]

Family Photo Friday! — My Life With Gracie

Cartoon No. 17: Who are you? (Wer bist Du?)

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No. 1 of 7: The Ray of Light: Only now, we can wonder…Who is she?

Wer ist SR 01 - Kopie_LI (2).jpg

No. 2 of 7: The 4 Elements: “It´s me!”

Wer ist SR 02

No. 3 of 7:
The Ray of Light: WHO?
Air: No Panic. There must be a logical answer! Think! 
Water: Oh, I am already suffering from myself …spare myself! 
Fire: COWARDS! This stupid ray of light won´t decide who I am! 
Earth: I don`t understand anything! I am hungry! I feel cold! I want to sleep!

Wer ist SR 03

No. 4 of 7:
The Ray of Light: I can give Life… but to whom of you 4? 
Air: Aaah! 
Water: Schluchz! 
Fire: That´s beyond question! Me! 
Earth: Pah! Without me, anything will work!

Wer ist SR 04.jpg

No. 5 of 7: All 4 Elements: ME! MEEEE!

Wer ist SR 05.jpg

No. 6 of 7: Flash!

Wer ist SR 06.jpg

No. 7 of 7: She: Was it just a dream?

Wer ist SR 07

Tipp No. 140: “Realism with a Twist – Mind-bending Illustrations” by Guy Billout (France)

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French surrealist Guy Billout has created some of the most awesomely mind-bending illustrations that will hopefully make you chuckle too. The key to his works is that they don’t just shout “surrealism”, but usually feature settings that look totally realistic until one detail turns everything around.

Guy Billout is a true grandmaster of irritation – often at 2nd glance… Simply Enjoy!

The Great Firewall


A Poet of the Absurd
“Guy Billout is the Buster Keaton of the illustration world: like the king of the deadpan gags of the silent era, Billout is a stunt man. His illustrations represent acrobatic feats of mental agility in which events challenge the law of physics and logic: inverted perspectives, gravity-defying structures, upside-down skies, rivers owing uphill, large objects sinking into shallow puddles. His art work is funny in the same way Keaton’s stunts are funny: his characters retain a sense of composure no matter what. Impending doom doesn’t unnerve them. However, under the dark humor, an odd sense of optimism prevails. For Billout, people are clueless, and that’s the good news.” (cit. Véronique Vienne)

Guy Billout grew up in Nevers, a quiet town in the center of France, he received a conventional education. In the 1950s, he studied advertising in the Ecole des Arts Appliqués of Beaune, in the Burgundy region. In the 1960s, he moved to Paris and worked as a designer in advertising. He spent a few years in Paris before coming to New York City in 1969. That’s where his career really took off after a successful publication in the New York Magazine. He published his ironic illustrations in various media, such as….


Time, Life, Fortune, New York Magazine, Reader`s Digest, Esquire, The Atlantic Monthly, Playboy, Vogue, Glamour, The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Der Spiegel, Le Monde.

Annual Reports, Corporate Brochures, Advertising: 

JP Morgan, Salomon Brothers, Schlumberger, Metropolitan Life, San Francisco Airport, National Westminster Bank, Northern Telecom, Comcast, The Boston Consulting Group, KPMG, Mobil, Boco.

Written/Illustrated: 7 Children`s Books.

Shared No. 110: “Meet Afghanistan’s first female graffiti artist, who is risking it all for her murals” — by ΕfiSoul63

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. «Αν ένα ρεύμα γίνει και πάλι ποταμός αλλά τα ψάρια έχουν πεθάνει, δεν υπάρχει επιστροφή γι’ αυτό που έφυγε». Η Σαμσιά Χασάνι μέσα από την τέχνη της θέλει να δείξει ότι οι γυναίκες επέστρεψαν δυναμικά στην αφγανική κοινωνία ‘Freedom is not that we remove our burqas and hijabs, freedom is having peace. Even if […]

Meet Afghanistan’s first female graffiti artist, who is risking it all for her murals — ΕfiSoul63

“Happy Eastern!” to all of You – “Frohe Ostern!”

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Cartoon by Marunde

Rabbit with college block: “Is that all, you have worked on for the last 4 weeks, Schröder?”

Rabbit Artist: “To develop a grey, that point beyond itself (is transcendent), is a time-consuming process, Boss.”

“I wish you all an awesome Easter Brunch!”

Best wishes from Weiss-Nix