Beautiful Creatures No. 34: Quokka

Creatures, humor, Insights, Reisen, Travel

Cuteness Overkill – Quokka marsupials who are living on Rottnest Island / Australia only

Awwh! A little One….
Irresistable, these fluffy happymakers…I know.
Love you too.

On Rottnest island (Australia) a whole Quokka tourism industry was launched since the successful testimonial selfie-marleting campaign (e.g. with tennis star Roger Federer) that made the Quokka worldwide famous. Today, the small island is flooded by tourists who wants to make selfies with Quokkas, as a concerned friend of mine told me.

Although I might sound like a schoolmaster….sorry for that…if you truely love these friendly unique little fellows, please do not touch them and do not feed them (in particular not with food for humans!)…Simply, leave the Quokkas alone.

Actually, the visitors are asked to obey these basic guidelines…unfortunately without any success.

It would be a terrible loss if this treasure is lost due to deseases caused by vain visitors who don´t respect nature and just want to boost the number of clicks & likes on social media channels for money-making and /or ego reasons.

In my opinion, tourism should be limited to protect this kind of unique biospheres – not limited to Rottnest islands, of course.

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