Poem No. 36: To My Husband (An meinen Ehemann) by Eliza

Gedichte, poems

To My Husband

When from the world, I shall be tane, 
And from earths necessary paine, 
Then let no blacks be worne for me, 
Not in a Ring my dear by thee. 
But this bright Diamond, let it be 
Worn in remembrance of me. 
And when it sparkles in your eye, 
Think ’tis my shadow passeth by. 
For why, more bright you shall me see, 
Then that or any Gem can bee. 
Dress not the house with sable weed, 
As if there was some dismal deed 
Acted to be when I am gone, 
There is no cause for me to mourn. 
And let no badge of Herald be 
The sign of my Antiquity. 
It was my glory I did spring 
From heavens eternall powerful King: 
To his bright Palace heir am I. 
It is his promise, hee’l not lye. 
By my dear Brother lay me, 
It was a promise made by thee, 
And now I must bid thee adieu, 
For I’me a parting now from you. 

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