Political Cartoon No. 5: “Undercover” by Evans

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Die Blondine: Alles verhüllt außer Ihre Augen, was für eine grausame von Männern dominierte Kultur!

Die Frau bekleidet mit einer Burka: Nichts verhüllt außer Ihre Augen, was für eine grausame von Männern dominierte Kultur!

Insight No.63: “Wheatfield With Crows” – A Fire In The Soul by Vincent van Gogh (1853 – 1890)

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Wheatfield With Crows

“Mancher Mensch hat ein großes Feuer in seiner Seele, und niemand kommt, um sich daran zu wärmen” (cit.: Vincent van Gogh)

“Many a human being has got a huge fire in his soul, and nobody comes in order to bask.” 

Strong Women No. 7: “Jaenne Manford” – Parents of Gays Unite! (1972)


Jeanne Manford protesting for LGBT rights alongside her son Morty, during the Gay Pride March in New York City in 1972. The reactions to her sign led to the creation of the group Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays” (PFLAG), of which Manford is a co-founder.

Tipp No. 73: “Al Mizan in Design & Arts” – Contemporary Arts & Design by Ahmad Angawi (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

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Ahmad Angawi is an artist / designer of Meccan roots, and is inspired by the colourful diversity of the culture of Hejaz.

His works revolve around the human condition while also paying homage to both culture and the environment. His approach is inspired mainly by Islamic principles rather than the Islamic aesthetic.

Influenced by his Father, Architect Dr. Sami Angawi, he has adopted the concept of “Al Mizan in design”, which is the belief in the fundamental principle of balance; as a state of mind, as well as the belief in its application in the field of design.

Ahmed travels extensively throughout the Middle East, visiting historic cities such as Cairo, Marrakech, Fas, Damascus and Tunis, where he intermingles with traditional artisans and craftsmen in an attempt to research their time-honored roles and their relationship to today’s mass-market productions.

He strongly believes that industrial designers are the craftsmen of today.  Ahmad earned his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.

He is currently the Associate Director of AMAR center for Architecture and Design Studies and works as a consultant at GMSV (Geometric modeling and Scientific Visualization Research Center) at KAUST where he is working on Traditional Innovative Products.

Insight No. 62: Art as Therapy and for Well-being

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Art Therapy

Art is a form of creative human expression, a way of enriching the human experience. We use art for our entertainment, cultural appreciation, aesthetics, personal improvement, and even social change. Whether or not we are aware of it, we allow art to affect our lives one way or another.

Experts outline seven functions of art and explain how art helps us grow and evolve in our understanding of ourselves, each other, and the world we live in. 

In viewing art, our perceptions change and grow, leading to growth and change in ourselves.

Art helps us to revisit the value of ordinary things like the pretty colors in a splash of morning light on a table cloth or the familiar and nos- talgic aspects of old beer cans. Art embraces appreciaton

Appreciation Art focuses in on the essence of the scene rather than the whole of it. It homes in on what is most memorable from the scene the artist was viewing. Art records and preserves emotions

Art helps us to complete our own unformed thoughts and ideas. We have an ‘aha’ moment when we see a piece of art that perfectly captures a feeling or thought we have had that we couldn’t express.

Art doesn’t just increase our capacity for joy, it validates our sorrows.Art provides a different perspective or “vantage point from which to survey” our own sadness, and find a way to deal with it

Art can move us to tears. Beautiful art can bring tears of joy. Experiencing such heart-warming feelings about it encourages us to hope for the same thing for our-selves

Art promotes self-growth
When we see a picture of some- thing we haven’t personally expe- rienced or of an emotion that we don’t have a personal context for, we can take the time to think about it, react to it, and empathize with. Art promotes self-growth.

Our day to day lives influence the balance of our emotional make up. We gain balance through art by taking a moment to observe, judge, and appreciate things we don’t nor- mally see and our responses to them.

Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced – Leo Tolstoy

Poem No. 25: Das Lied “Du, nur Du” von Rainer Maria Rilke (1875 – 1926) – The Song: “You, You Only, Exist”

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You, you only

Du, der ichs nicht sage, daß ich bei Nacht 
weinend liege, 
deren Wesen mich Müde macht 
wie eine Wiege. 
Du, die mir nicht sagt, wenn sie wacht 
wie, wenn wir diese Pracht 
ohne zu stillen 
in uns ertrügen? 
- - - - - 
Sieh dir die Liebenden an, 
wenn erst das Bekennen begann, 
wie bald sie lügen. 
- - - - - 
Du machst mich allein. Dich einzig kann ich vertauschen. 
Eine Weile bist dus, dann wieder ist es das Rauschen, 
oder es ist ein Duft ohne Rest. 
Ach, in den Armen hab ich sie alle verloren, 
du nur, du wirst immer wieder geboren: 
weil ich niemals dich anhielt, halt ich dich fest. 
You, you only, exist.
We pass away, till at last,
our passing is so immense
that you arise: beautiful moment,
in all your suddenness,
arising in love, or enchanted
in the contraction of work.

To you I belong, however time may
wear me away. From you to you
I go commanded. In between
the garland is hanging in chance; but if you
take it up and up and up: look:
all becomes festival! 

Beautiful Creatures No. 17: Bear – Bär – l`Ourse


I cannot help myself….I am not better than all the others who simply forget sometimes that a bear is an omnivore, strong and independent wild animal and not just a fluffy, snugly and playful pet that is frequently humanised (for good reasons, of course) ….or a dearly beloved toy.

Yes, as a matter of fact…I got my first (and only) teddy bear at my day of birth from my Dad (Papa-Bär) like it is a custom to welcome a child. We have been never separated since this day.

Any further questions?

My Teddy – My Mom had to fix the right arm countless times. In his armpit you will find yarn of different colors… 

Strong Women No. 6: “Kathrine Switzer” – First Woman to run the Boston Marathon (1967)

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Kathrine Switzer, who became the first woman to run the Boston Marathon in 1967. During the race, one of the organizers tried to forcibly remove her dorsal so she couldn’t compete anymore, but her companions stood up for her.

Tipp No. 72: “Feeding, Cuddling and Relaxing” – Meetings with Beautiful Creatures – About Giving and Taking (Xmas Gifts)

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What do you think about giving (and taking) some true quality time and beautiful memories?

I am sure, there are opportunities to visit parks, sanctuaries and farms – that offers guided tours, trekking with animals, infotainment seminars, special (e.g. farm) shops and more – in your neighborhood too.

You could not only invite your partner, family but also friends to join the trip. 

For inspiration:

  • Alpaca Farms (like: https://www.waytalla-alpakas.de/)
  • Wolf Sanctuaries
  • Husky Camps that offer guided tours, trekking with Huskies or 2-days musher basics trainings
  • Farms that offer “Cow Cuddling”  
  • Horse Breeding Ranches
  • Seal Rescue Centres
  • Animal Hospices like “Gut Aiderbichl” in Bavaria
  • Birds Breeding Stations
  • Wildlife Parks and Zoos (Tipp: In Germany the Zoos are offering overnight stays in the zoo / park with special programs)

Please, allow me a final remark: I would prefer a destination where you can visit the animals in their natural habitat – or in rescue stations, sanctuaries, animal hospices or smaller farms. 

Poem No. 23: “To Be Read In The Morning And At Night” by Bertolt Brecht (1898 – 1957)

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Bildergebnis für walking through rain

To read in the morning and at night
My love
Has told me
That he needs me.

That’s why
I take good care of myself
Watch out where I’m going and
Fear that any drop of rain
Might kill me. 

Morgens und abends zu lesen
Der, den ich liebe
Hat mir gesagt
Daß er mich braucht.

Gebe ich auf mich acht
Sehe auf meinen Weg und
Fürchte von jedem Regentropfen
Daß er mich erschlagen könnte.